October 15, 2019 | Mason Roberts

Running a small business does not just depend on you. You cannot be the only one working hard and putting effort into the growth of your business. In order for your business to succeed, everyone around you has to be determined to see your establishment take off. This means, your employees should do their work diligently and with great efforts. More than that though, they should want too. They should want to help you, the business owner, build it from the ground, up.


Hiring the right employees can be a difficult task. There are people who will be ready to take on anything and are eager for their career to begin at your establishment, and there are also people who will be disloyal and only see your business as a temporary gig, in return, treating it as such. Even the best employees may need some pushing from time to time, though. Whether it be from their personal life or their professional, your employees will hit some rough patches. You may see them slipping compared to how well they perform at their absolute best. If you are starting to realize that this is what is happening, try to help them get back to their best. They were loyal to you, so it is only fair to be loyal to them the longest you possibly can. Encourage them. Once this starts to negatively affect your business, that is a different story. But, until then, motivate them. Push them to become the best employees they can be, and your business will succeed.


If you are not sure how to push your employees, continue reading. Here are the most effective ways for employee motivation:

1. Make Your Business A Happy Place

A very obvious tell-tell sign as to why an employee may not be doing the best they can be is that they do not enjoy the environment they are in. The environment your business has is a big reason employees may be motivated, or not. The atmosphere around you really has an effect on how you act. This means, if your place of business is a happy, vibrant, place, then your employees will feel hopeful coming in each day. They will enjoy their time with you as a business owner and will want to do the best they can do. It is just a simple fact that your employees will likely try harder in their day-to-days if they care about where they are.


Your business should look appealing, and give off great, positive vibes. It is very important that when your staff comes to your business, they feel light-hearted. A good idea may be to play some music that everyone will enjoy. Music is a way for the time to pass by, and your employees to do more work without the dread. Also, keep the lights on at a decent brightness level. This will help them stay aware of the long workday. Other ideas may include, the decor, the color scheme, the seating areas, etc. There are many ways to keep the atmosphere positive, so figure out what is best for you, and your establishment.

2. Be Supportive

Employees want a supportive atmosphere. They want to be surrounded by people who want the best for them and will help them get there. Also, they want an honest work environment and respectful bosses. How an employee is treated in their work plays a big part in how motivated they continue to be from week to week. There will be times that your employees will come to you for advice, or just simply to talk. They will want your honest feedback. This means, as the owner, you should let them know that they are welcome to talk to you about whatever they deem necessary. You may even have an employee who simply looks up to you and wants your feedback from time to time. This is where being respectful should come in. always let your employees feel valued and let them know that there are no stupid things to be said. Everything they ask, say, or suggest, should hold weight to you. If you care about your employees and want them to continue being motivated in their daily effort, then putting these traits into action as key.

3. Let Them Grow

A sure way to ensure that your employees will continue to be determined in your business is that they know they have an option to go further. If you want your employees to lose determination, or lack motivation, then let them know that they will only stay in their one position forever. They will not be promoted. If you want them to work harder, though, give them room to climb the ladder. No one wants to enter a position, knowing they will not grow. Growth is a huge part of the business. Growth for the business itself, growth for your employees, and growth for yourself. This means, never get too comfortable. Continue to make new positions and try to take your business to the next level. Do not give up once you reach your goals. If your aspirations have been met, make new ones. This will help your business progress, and your employees have a chance too.


When an employee takes a job at entry-level, they want to know that that is just a steppingstone. It should just be the beginning of their career. If an employee knows that their entry job is the only place they will go with their career, one of two things will happen. They will either view it as a temporary position or not care about it as they should. Either way, they will not be working as hard as they can.

4. Always Tell Them What They Are Doing Right

Employees feel pressured often. They want to do the best they can and want to know if they are meeting the boss's standards. As the business owner, be sure to tell them when they are doing a good job. This will make your employees even more eager to continue their work, knowing they are doing a great job. People want to know when they are doing a good job, so be sure that you are vocal about it.