Looking for more information before you begin? Our most frequently asked questions are addressed below.

Q: How quickly will I receive my money?
A: In as little as 24 – 72 hours after approval provided all documentation is received and all requirements met.

Q: How do I deliver my future sales (receivables)?
A: Cash Advances are satisfied over the term as a percentage of future revenue or credit card sales/receivables.

Q: How will I receive my funds if approved?
A: Funds are delivered to you electronically.

Q: What kind of documentation will I need to provide?
A: You will need four months of bank statements and a simple one page application. Larger funding requests or complex situations may require additional documentation.

Q: Will I have to change banks accounts?
A: With a cash advance, you are not required to change bank accounts, credit card merchant services or POS systems.

Q: How much money can I get?
A: Funding amounts typically range from $10,000 – $2 Million. There are exclusive funding opportunities with higher funding amounts available. Please contact a Nextwave Funding Advisor for additional information.

Q: My credit is not the best. Do I stand a chance at being approved?
A: Nextwave Funding is not bound by stringent credit requirements. We consider more than just your credit score when determining your eligibility.

Q: Where does the Capital Nextwave Funding provides come from?
A: Nextwave Funding is a private funding institution, meaning we are the direct source of the funds you receive. No brokering, no outsourcing.


Why Choose Nextwave Funding?

  • Direct source of funding
  • Credit challenges not a problem
  • We service and manage the account
  • Broad national reach
  • Provided hundreds of millions in funding to businesses over the past 5 years
  • Serving businesses of all sizes

Evaluate and Offer

Within 24 hours after application is submitted, a Funding Advisor will provide you with a documented and clear set of terms for the amount of an advance available, the time frame of the transaction, and any/all costs associated with the advance.

Begin Online or By Phone!

Help with your business funding needs is only a few clicks or phone call away. Our online form makes it easy to start anytime, day or night. If you’d prefer to speak with someone, our Funding Advisors are friendly and standing by to walk you through the process.

Receive Funding

Working with our contract team, you will review the agreements, coordinate all documentation via web and phone, and have monies wired to you in a matter of days.