November 8, 2018 | By Peyton Sawyer

 ways to develop vision business break time with coworkers

As a business owner, you are responsible for creating a clear vision for your business and see it through, but wanting your business to be a success and actually making it a success are two very different things. It takes time to develop an idea from start to finish. There are several variables to consider, like funding, location, and sustainability, as well as the time and energy needed to research and plan.


Don’t get discouraged. Developing a vision for your business may take some trial and error before you get it right. Even if you have tried an idea and failed, it is not a loss. Consider any failed attempts on your part a step in the right direction: finding what doesn’t work will bring you one step closer to what does. Believe in the process, as well as your vision, and keep moving forward.

Here are a few tips that may help you see your vision through:

Take a Break

Leaving the office and even your home can provide the clear mind you need to develop your vision. Sometimes the hustle and bustle of life can affect the thought process. When you have deadlines, emails, and expenses on your mind at work, it can prevent your creative juices from flowing. The same goes for the chaos that can sometimes erupt at home, especially if you have children. So, why not take a break? Get away by yourself or even with other members of your team so that you can brainstorm together.

Research, Research, Research

Taking the time to research what your competitors are up to can help you to develop a better vision for your business. But why stop there? Take a look at other visionaries to see what ideas they have introduced to promote a successful business. Diving into your research can help you to decide what direction you should go in.

ways to develop vision business project on cluttered desk

Create Your Vision

Write down your ideas. Print pictures. Create a vision board, so that you can physically see what your vision looks like. Hang it wherever you will be spending time to develop your vision and look at it every day. Make adjustments, add new ideas, and scratch the ones that don’t work. You may even want to share the vision board with others so that they can get a feel for the direction you are headed in. This may help you to generate new ideas from people that you trust.


Fine-Tune Your Vision

There is always room for improvement, so fine-tune the vision you have. Don’t be scared to tweak your ideas here and there. You are not abandoning your vision by changing it up a bit. If anything, you may find a way to make it even better. Remember, no matter what industry you are operating in, there will always be someone to do it better than the last; it's time to let the someone be you!


If money is holding you back, don’t let it! Find a way to get the funding you need. If you are concerned about your credit with a traditional banking institution, then look into some alternative funding solutions. Commercial funding is one option that may have just what you need to turn your vision into reality.