May 28, 2019 | Mason Roberts

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People become entrepreneurs for positive reasons. Many people agree that it potentially outweighs the negatives, and it is hard to miss why. As an entrepreneur, you have the control of your career at your fingertips, unlike how it is when you are working for someone else. This is an unwavering perfect situation for countless working people who hate being bossed around and have their financials controlled by someone else. If this sounds like you, great. Becoming an entrepreneur can be the best decision for you, really. It is important, though, to not get too caught up in the positives, and evaluate the negatives as well.


Becoming an entrepreneur can be your dream goal, but if you are a smart businessperson, you will consider all aspects of the job, both good and bad. The truth is, you will not have an amazing job without some downsides too. It is natural. If once you consider all the potential outcomes of this career change, and you are still strongly set on pursuing it, go full steam ahead. It is not an easy field, so you should make sure you have all the confidence in the world before starting the process.


Here are the questionable things that no one tells you about becoming an entrepreneur:


You Should Be Focused At All Times

Being your own boss is both a very positive thing and can be a downfall as well. When running your own business, you have to hold yourself accountable for the day-to-day responsibilities, as well as the big picture goals. Being the big boss and entrepreneur means that you do not have anyone to pin you down. You do not have someone to tell you what to do, and what not to do, or when to do it, and when not to do it. There are swarming distractions that may make your process harder if you give into them. If you know you seem to easily divert your attention, be proactive about it. Whatever is your biggest distraction, avoid. If it's your phone, put it away until you are done your work for the day. If it a lot of noise, isolate yourself for a little while, or you can even invest in noise canceling headphones. Do not give in to the temptations of things around you that will contribute to your loss of focus. Staying focused at all times will help your business in countless ways, as well as your sanity.

It Can Get Lonely

At the initial steps of your business, you are likely to be doing most of the work on your own. You simply may not have the revenue to bring in extra help. It will likely all be on you, which can get too feel like a lot. You will have a lot, if not all, of the responsibility on your back with no one to share the load with. This can begin to feel lonely, as no one really knows what it is you are truly going through, and how stretched your time has become. This stage in a startup business is tough but toughing through it is the only way to get to the next, easier, step. Feeling lonely can make your workload seem harder, or lengthier in time. To get through this, push the negative thoughts to the back of your head and keep going. Before you know it, it will feel worth it.

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The Income May Not Be Steady

Becoming an entrepreneur can be difficult for many reasons, but one of the most viable reasons is the income you will be receiving, and the amount. Becoming an entrepreneur can give you a real opportunity to build a great financial standing for yourself. You can earn much more money than you may have been earning while working under someone else. But there is the possibility that you will make very little money if any at all. There are many business horror stories of the owner being forced to stop production of their establishment before the grand opening day even approaches. Before jumping into becoming an entrepreneur all on your own, a smart decision would be to make sure you have a decent amount of savings to fall back on if something were to go wrong, or sales seemed to have slowed down. Being an entrepreneur is an unpredictable career, so it is important to be prepared for anything to be thrown your way.

You Will Not Be Able To Continue Yourself

Like previously stated, you may not have the means to bring in extra hands in the beginning. You may have to complete the initial process by yourself unless someone is offering their services for free. You may like it this way, and never want to bring in more help. This is not an intelligent thing to do. Once you have the means to hire help, do it. If you have the means from sales cost, this means your business is going in the right direction, meaning it will only get busier. Do not become your own downfall, being too headstrong to let others take part in the building of your business. If you continue to do all the hard work yourself, you will burn out sooner or later. Do not let that happen, put your health first and your business will flourish.

Do Not Get Comfortable

If you work hard and stay focused, you can achieve your big goals in what feels like a very small amount of time. This is great. You should work towards achieving all your goals. That is what they are there for, after all. The worst thing to do, though, is accomplishing said goals, and that is all. You do not set bigger aspirations for yourself, your business, or your employees. This can truly hurt your business. As a now successful entrepreneur, you should continue to push yourself. Once you accomplish your goals, set new, bigger ones. Getting comfortable in the speed of your business can really hurt in like you would have never expected.