January 22, 2020 | Mason Roberts

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There are many traits a business owner should have under their belt. They likely excel at several different things. After all, they are building a career from the many skills they have. If you are a business owner, though, one skill you should have that a lot of entrepreneurs underestimate is time management. Time management is something severely important when it comes to pushing your small business to succeed. If you do not have any type of time management or organization, it will begin to weigh you down. This is something that must be put into effect in order to become a success. Without it, you will only be able to sustain yourself for so long.


Being able to manage your duties is important in making it farther in your business endeavors. As a business owner, you will become stressed. Your tasks will begin to pile on your plate. It can start to seem impossible to complete to the level you wish. Well, time managing yourself in order to complete these tasks may just be your best bet. In doing this, you are keeping yourself on a schedule. You are giving yourself strict guidelines to follow in order to accomplish what you need, and have the knowledge that if you do not follow these guidelines, you will not complete your goals for the day or week. A huge part of being a strong business owner is simply making the right decisions for your business, your staff, your customers, as well as yourself. You are the leader, so it is your responsibility to guide your establishment in the right direction.


Goal setting can be what stands between you and success. If you do not take it seriously, time will pass before your eyes with close to nothing accomplished. This is your career. You are the owner. You must take charge of your business. If time is managed in an orderly manner, you should begin to see things just fall into place.

These are the most effective tips to follow in time management for your business.


1. Put Goals In Place

Because you are the business owner, it is easy to drift away from your plans and goals. You do not have someone holding you accountable as your employees do, and you know that. Technically, if you want to show up late to work every single day, you can. If you want to give all of what should be your responsibilities to an employee below you, you can. This is not the way to success, though. You should do right by yourself and your employees. Be a strong staff member, as they are. Hold yourself accountable each day for what must be completed. A solid way to make sure this happens is setting goals in a seemingly permanent fashion. Make a list and make sure that you take it seriously. Complete your tasks from what is most important to least. To succeed in business, you must understand that everything is time-sensitive, no matter how flexible something may seem. Everything relates to each other. If you push one task back, you are pushing them all back. So, set your goals in a strict manner for yourself, and follow-through.

2. Make An Effective System For Your Time Management

Oftentimes, a business owner will say they have great time management skills, but frankly do not have any. It may not even be their fault. They may genuinely believe that their time management skills are like no one ever before. Well, a great way to make sure this is true is to create an effective system to follow. Give yourself guidelines to follow in order to make it to where you want to be. For starters, rank your tasks. You have put your goals down on paper, now it is time to rank them. This is a strong way to be sure you are completing what must be done immediately and getting around to the stuff that can be done a little later. You are giving yourself restraints. While you are the boss, you are making sure you follow some type of rules in order to hold yourself accountable for all the responsibilities on your plate. You are avoiding procrastinating and getting to work, which is all anyone can really ask of you.



3. Take Some "You" Time
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You blocked in time for your business endeavors, and that is great. Now pencil in some time for yourself. Being a business owner is tough. There is no going around it. It is hard work and can become overwhelming. So, you must give yourself the time you need to relax. Business owners oftentimes do not think that they are entitled to relax. They believe that this is their business, and they must be taking care of it every hour of the day. Well, the truth is, if you do not give yourself some "you" time, you will likely crack under pressure. All of your tasks will not be completed to your full capability, and you will be physically and mentally exhausted. You cannot underestimate the effect of doing something relaxing outside of work. Pick up a hobby. Many business owners turn to physical activity, such as exercise; like running, swimming, boxing, to exert some of their pent up energy. You can work all of the pressure you are feeling off, and get yourself refreshed for the coming day. This is a great way to clear your head and keep healthy in the meantime.

4. Give Yourself A Break

Your employees are entitled to a break, so why aren’t you? To be sure you are doing your best work, you should give yourself a little time every couple of hours to collect your thoughts. Get back to square one, and do your best work. This can be doing something as simple as going on a coffee run. The few minutes you have on the walk can really help put your day back in motion when you feel like you have hit a wall. You will come back to your place of business with a second wind of energy, ready to finish the day off strong.