May 9, 2019 | Mason Roberts

 Why your small business should hire interns young lady intern smiling

If you are running a small business, you will come into contact with many young people looking for work experience. No matter the type of business you are running, there is likely to be a young person interested in the field. Now, you may be thinking, why should you hire some kid who doesn’t know anything about your business, right? They’ve never been in business before, so they could just mess things up, right? No matter what negative perspective you have on the matter, it does not have to be true. Now, this is not to say that it can never be true. But this isn’t just the case for interns. You could hire a new Vice President for your company who can run it into the ground in a month if they are not right for the job. Interns can be a necessity in a business. This is where you must really use your judgment on those applying to work for your business.


If you are interested in an internship program at your place of work, there are beneficial factors. Your business will gain something from the experience, as well as the interns if monitored correctly. Giving the interns the right tools to succeed will help your business in turn. Train the interns in a promising way that will only ensure their best work. You cannot put half an effort into the program and blame the interns for less than perfect results. The best part about putting so much work into your program is that the reputation will begin to circulate to the public, meaning you will have more candidates applying. This means you will have more choices of candidates to choose from.


These are the most beneficial reasons to hire interns in your place of business.

Testing Out The Candidates

An internship program is a great way to find strong candidates for your business, without committing to hiring them beforehand. You can “sniff out” the interns who can be potential employees of yours in the near, or far, future. When hiring an intern, they do have a time when the program ends. From there, you may decide that they are an irreplaceable asset in which you do not want to lose. This will be a business move that will cost you money, so make the decision if this is worth it to you, as a business owner. If you do not have the means to keep them but think that it is worth the try, attempt to figure out the money situation of it all. This is a much better plan then hiring an employee right off the street and figuring out afterward that they are not a good fit. You are comfortable with this intern, as they are to you, and can depend on the fact that they will be a hardworking employee in your establishment.

You Can Mentor Young Businesspeople

If you are an experienced, weathered, businessperson who wants to share their expertise, an internship program may be what is right for you. Many business owners are attracted to an internship program because they are so passionate about their careers. They find themselves sharing with others some business advice. If this sounds like you, why not take advantage of an internship program and advice those who want to start a career in your field. They will be interested in hearing what it is you did to get to where you are today. You can share stories, what to do and what not to do, anything you want. Share your wisdom with those who need it and want it.


This is where you can truly share your skills. You can teach your interns like a teacher would a student. Teach them what it takes to be a success and make it in your business. As a mentor, you get to try and mold an intern, or potential employee, into the worker that they should be. Be at your intern's disposal for guidance.

Why your small business should hire interns young adults at computer

Fresh Viewpoint

Interns can bring you inspiration in many ways. An outsider's opinion can really open new doors for you. It can bring your mind somewhere you never thought it would. You see in movies many times that the underdog of the company is the reason for the big business breakthrough. Make sure you are encouraging this. If you have an intern who seems to take an extra amount of interest in your work, ask them their input. Make the shy ones talk. They may have the best ideas that can set your business off. Gaining a fresh perspective from those around you will help your business stay new and shiny. The intern will gain recognition, and your business can possibly begin to soar, as well. It is a positive thing on both sides.

Extra Help

This may be obvious, but with an intern comes extra assistance. You may need in your small business. Small business does not mean a small workload. You can always use an extra set of hands. In your day-to-day activities, you can always find something to unload from yourself and give to someone who is there to make your life easier. In doing this, make sure what they are doing is correct. Give them feedback on the way they are performing their jobs, as well as some criticism if needed.

Being Up To Date On Social Strategies

With young interns come some tech-savvy people. They are up on the most recent social networks and know how to navigate them efficiently. This can be great for your business because it can help you reach a new group of people or potential customers. They may be able to help you with what a younger crowd will respond to, as well as what they will not be responsive too. In this retrospect, bringing in interns to your business will only help you become more relatable to the community around you. It can give your business a presence in the social media realm that you may have not been able to accomplish yourself.