September 9, 2019 | Mason Roberts

turning side job into career planning phaseBeing your own boss is what drives many entrepreneurs to lead out on their own career endeavors. There are so many routes that potential business owners take to get to where they dream to be in the future. Some work well, others may not. The very common option many business owners choose to take advantage of is turning their side job into a booming career. There are many ways to go about this business plan in order to have the best chance of success. Even if you do take the best steps possible, there is no guarantee of establishing your side hustle into a career.

What Should You Do First?

What you must make sure of initially is that your side job can make it as a big, bustling career. Be realistic when evaluating this. No matter how hopeful you may be about your profession, it does not mean it is the right time in the business world to take it further. There are better times than others for specific types of businesses to become successful. For example, if your dream is to start a business centered around selling books, you may want to second guess it. While there are so many high establishment bookstores, they also have also decreased in profit by large numbers. Electronics are truly taking over this business, where things such as Kindles are used widely. So, if you were thinking of opening a bookstore, it is smart to rethink it, now more than ever.


So, before deciding if you should start a career based off of your beloved hobby, you must decide if there is room for it in the market. If there is not, you will likely lose money trying to turn it into something it cannot be. You will likely lose valuable time and cash. Something that is just not worth it. If you see room for it in the market, great. Take advantage of it while you can. Turn it into something amazing for yourself.


Here are some tips in turning a side job into a great career move:

1. Treat It Like A Business, No Matter What Phase It Is In

Whether your side business is in the very first initial steps, or a few years down the road, always treat it with a high level of professionalism. Hard work is the key to establishing your passion. Working vigorously will help you ensure as much as possible that your business will, indeed, take off. Always put your absolute best into your days. Building your business will not be easy. In the beginning years, more than ever, it is extremely important that you put your full mind to your plan. Go through each day slowly but determined. You should see your business progress in a short period of time.

2. Do Not Rush Into Your Career

Quitting your steady job to pursue your dream career is what countless aspiring business owners do. This is what you should be working towards. After all, you are trying to turn your side job into a business to leave your current career. Though this is the goal, this does not mean to quit your job once you have a great business idea. You should try it out first. For a bit of time, you should work both jobs. Frequently work on your side job, in the meanwhile going to your everyday job. You can save money to build a solid foundation for your passion, and eventually quit your current job position. Rushing your side job into a career can deter it. Take your time, and work diligently each day towards your goals.

3. Put Your Personal Needs To the Side

You cannot become established without determination. At the beginning of your career, you will have to skip out on some personal wants. If you have a side job, and functioning employment at another business, that you are working towards vigorously, you will not have time for many personal things. Majority of the time, you should be focused on turning your side job into your only one and putting your weekend plans aside. While you should give yourself some downtime, a top priority should be your desired career.

4. You Can Work With Others, You Do Not Have To Do It Alone

turning side job into career hands in team

Many business owners start on their endeavors completely alone. They believe that they would rather take on the tiresome workload completely alone then bring in some help. Starting your own business all alone can be very hard. There are so many tasks you are responsible to complete, so you might end up needing a little assistance. This is especially true if you are working two jobs. You might need some backup. When finding someone you work well with, seek out someone you trust immensely. This is very important. You will work day in and out with them, so you must mesh well.

5. Make A Reliable Financial Plan

Finances are what will drive your business. You cannot start a business on zero funds. Any business that you try and achieve with no money is likely to struggle. Finances are a key component in building your business. When working your first job, make sure you save a good sum to fall back on. You may need it in a crunch, or just to spend to make your dream come true. If you do not have money to fall back on, look into funding options. There are many available to you. Do some research and decide which is best. Putting in some of your existing money will help you gain more in the future, hopefully much more.

Bottom Line

Turning your beloved side hobby into a great career is a dream for many. Entrepreneurs all over want to turn their passion into their careers. What is better than going to a job every morning that you love? You should have a fire for the business you own. This is the best way to ensure amazing results in your career. Your dream profession is something you work towards every day. If you want your side job to become something more, never treat it as such. Act as if it is already a crazy successful business, and that is what it will turn out to be.