November 29, 2018 | By Peyton Sawyer

Is the high cost of your energy bills digging a hole in your pocket? If so, you’re not alone! Many restaurant owners like you are using restaurant funding to avoid the struggle that monthly gas and electric expenses can cause. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, operating a commercial kitchen in a restaurant or fast food establishment requires the use of two and a half more energy per square foot than any other business. That means that the amount of your energy bills may also be two and a half times more than any other business!


This can cause an issue for almost any small business owner. But, how can you reduce your business's energy bills so that you stay within a budget that you can afford? That is a question that many restaurant owners would like the answer to. Here are a few options that can help to reduce those high energy bills.

What’s on the Menu

You may not realize that the items listed on the menu are a factor when conserving energy, but that are indeed. Having several items that require the use of multiple appliances will require more gas and electric, resulting in a higher energy bill. You may want to take a look at what you are serving, and what equipment the entrees require. You may be running more equipment than needed.


Ovens, fridges, flyers: if you have one or two items on the menu that are not as popular as the rest and require you to run multiple appliances, especially those that otherwise would not be in use, you may want to remove those items.

Lighting Options

What lighting is setting the mood in your establishment? If you did not invest in energy-saving bulbs, then you could be spending more than you think on lighting. Look into eco-friendly alternatives to help save of your lighting expense. It may only save a few dollars a month on your energy bill, but if you add up the cost for the year, you may be surprised at how much you can actually save. Every little bit helps!

Eco-Friendly Equipment

While the initial cost of purchasing environmentally-friendly kitchen equipment will be a large expense, the pay-off will be far greater than you can image. If you add up the amount of energy you are wasting with traditional cooking equipment and the amount of money you are spending per year, purchasing new equipment may not sound like such a bad idea. Do your research. If the percentage of used energy is far less with an eco-friendly appliance, as opposed to a traditional appliance, then you have your answer. Eco-friendly is more cost efficient when you're running a restaurant.

After Hours

Avoid the hassle of remembering to unplug each piece of equipment before you leave. Using pre-set timers on all your outlets can help to minimize the use of energy when your restaurant is closed. This can have a huge impact on your efforts to save on energy at your establishment.