February 28, 2019 | By Mason Roberts

As a business owner, you may have to make some financial changes throughout the duration of years. Eventually, you may want to restructure the way you handle your business debt. In doing this, there are some options to choose from, where one may be a better option than the next. Though some business debt options may be considered more seriously than another, they do tend to aim for the same goal. As a business debt option, they aim to lessen your drowning debt over time and minimize the cost rate.


You have many options being a business owner, especially in your overall financial structure. Considering consolidating debt or loan refinancing may be the answer to your financial choices, especially if you want to save some money over your life span on loans or even making an extremely steady capital. While refinancing and consolidating may be a good choice in helping your business loans, they tend to be confused by the everyday layman. Learning the basics of the said business debt options will ultimately help you make an outstanding decision in a way that will help your business debt situation like never before.

What Does Loan Refinancing Mean?

Refinancing is a very specific loan solution option. With this, borrowers who have once taken out a loan will request a new loan from lenders in order to pay off the initial loan received. Many people choose this option to get a better rate on their loan, which is a big game changer in the differences in loans. When loan refinancing, the new loan will take place of your old loan. This will leave you will better business loan debt, as you have made a more substantial loan decision. In the process of refinancing, it is likely you will receive a longer payback term, with lower rates. Lastly, unlike other options, all you need to qualify for loan refinancing is at least one existing loan, which is still in the process of paying back. In order for this to work, there must be a loan for the follow-up loan to replace.


Can Refinancing Help My Business?

A short answer is, yes, possibly. Refinancing, overall, is there to help you pay less for your loan, especially less than your initial loan borrowed. In doing this, it will without a doubt give your business the means it needs to grow and succeed.


Refinancing has many good, positive sides to it. On top of the lower pay rate, there can also be longer payback term. Though this can seem like a negative for some people, as they want to be done paying back the debt they have borrowed, it really is a pro. In having a longer term to pay back your debt, your bill should lessen each month. This will help your business overall because it frees up more money for you to invest in your business, whether it be equipment or anything else you may need. A longer term will basically pay you, as a loan does. The difference is that it is your money. You do not have to pay it back. This capital is something that you likely will not used to having from shorter loan terms, opening more doors to improve your business.


Refinancing your business loan likely is a good idea for your business, if you have a specific reason in choosing this debt solution option. Not only does it lower the rate of your loans, but it gives you time. Time to pay and time to save, which for business owners is undeniably great. This can help your business grow while helping you become more financially stable.

What Does Debt Consolidation Mean?

To be put simply, debt consolidation is the process of combining several loans into one, single loan. A business owner would request for a new loan, which will combine other loan debt you have and wipe it out completely. This will leave you responsible for one single loan. Also, the payback process is a good one. Unlike some other processes, you will only have to pay back your single loan once a month, whereas if you had more loans to pay it would be several times a month. This is because debt consolidation combines your loan debt, reducing several loans into one, making your life, as the borrower, much easier. Debt consolidation will eliminate much of the confusion that tends to occur in receiving loans and paying them back.


Can Debt Consolidation Help My Business?

Debt consolidation can help your business in quieting the confusion. Being a business owner, if you have several loans borrowed in your name, the chances of you being overwhelmed and stressed are high. You may begin to feel like you are always putting money out as each bill comes in the mail. Taking advantage of debt consolidation can solve your problems. It will give you more time and accessible cash, which is unarguably always a plus.


In using debt consolidation, like refinancing your loan, you free up some cash to invest in your business. With this extra money, you will receive, show your business a little extra love and attention. This is bound to bring in more business, and increase your capital. So, yes, debt consolidation can help your business in a big way.


While both loan refinancing and debt consolidation are unbeatable options, you have to consider if your business has grown since the last loan you have taken out. If not, you may need to wait for your business success to peak in order to receive one of these two debt options. Lenders are aware that this is a good choice when trying to reconstruct your debt finances. This may mean that you’ll have to work for it a little bit and make sure your business is in good standing. Once you are an eligible candidate for such debt financing options, choose wisely. Maybe even talk to a financial advisor, decide what is best for your business personally. After making right decisions all around, starting with deciding between loan refinancing or debt consolidation, and ending with what to do with your new money to improve your business, you should have booming success in no time.