October 2, 2019 | Mason Roberts

The phrase, “woke up on the wrong side of the bed” is one that floats around the business world quite frequently. The first couple of minutes of your day are most crucial to how the rest of it pans out. If you wake up and do something out of your ordinary routine, it may cause your day to take a bad turn. For example, if you wake up in an uncomfortable state, like being extremely hot, it can alter your mood for the entire day. When owning your own business, it is important that you start your day off strong. You should be in good spirits and have a determined mindset for the day ahead of you. This is how you will have an extremely Text productive day, and make the best of your business day.


If you know that you are not a Text morning person. You go into work most mornings feeling a bit cranky, not getting much done in the meantime. Trying to create a booming, successful business can be hard. It takes up a lot of time to do your absolute best. This means you need to use every minute of your workday to your advantage and be on your A-game at all times.


If your days often start off bad, and you are not sure why, here are some common business mistakes that you are making in Text your morning routine.

1. Showing Up Late To Work

Being on time to your workday is crucial to how it starts. If you wake up a bit later than usual, or you take some more time getting your stuff together, you will be frantic on your commute. This is something that can truly throw off your day. Rushing to work each morning starts your day off in a whirlwind. This means that when you get to your place of business, you will not be ready for workday. Going into each morning, you should be relaxed. You have a long day ahead of you, so you should be prepared. Steer clear of stressing early in the morning.

2. You Answer Emails, Without Ranking

Many business owners get to their office, and immediately begin answer a slew of emails from the night, or a week, before. If this sounds like something you do, you should take a different approach. When looking at your emails in the morning, you should scan them and rank them. Do this from most important to least. From most urgent to least urgent. If you are answering any emails bright and early, it should be ones that are most vital to the day. As the business owner, you will have people emailing you questions that must be answered immediately. You will have people depending on you. This is who should get responded to first. This can change the entire way your day in panned out, and maybe even for the better.

3. You Begin Multitasking Before You Should

There are many business owners who have bursts of energy in the morning. Whether it be because they had some coffee with their breakfast, or they are just simply a morning person, they are ready to take on the day. If this is you, that is great. It is never a bad thing when having bursts of energy in the morning. What could be bad, though, is if you start multitasking right when you walk in work. If you go into work and use up all of your booming energy within the first hour of your day, you will be burned out the rest of the day. This is a bad thing that can happen in your workday. Say, for example, that you have an average 8-hour workday. If you do not have the energy for the remaining 6-7 hours of the day, then it quite frankly was a waste of time even going in. If you do not have the drive for the majority of the day, your business will not progress. You will be stuck in one spot, most likely not determined enough to come out on the other side of it.

4. Thinking Negatively

Having a negative mindset can hurt anyone’s progress, no matter what their career choices are. Negative thoughts are how you lose any amount of drive you may have had. You will not be optimistic, as you should be, and will always think that minor setbacks are astronomical. If you are a business owner who simply wants to see it flourish, you must always have positive thoughts in your mind. If you are thinking over your business plans, think them over as if nothing will go wrong. While you should always have backup plans, you should also have faith in your business endeavors. Have a positive mindset and you will get everything you want out of your business.

5. Thinking Over Your Big Plans

You may think that going into your day with major plans in mind will help you get your day started, but it is likely that that is not true. More than likely, this may make you procrastinate. What you will find is that, if you constantly having in your mind what steps you must take to reach your goal, never letting your brain a rest, you will become stressed. Being stressed will make your determination falter, meaning you will procrastinate getting down to work.

6. You Are Closed In

So, imagine waking up early as ever for work. You are extremely tired. Your commute to work was long and draining. Now, you are in your office, and there are neutral colors on the walls, with no windows. You will ultimately become more exhausted than ever. You will not get much done, and it will be a waste of a workday. What can help this in an extreme way is to go sit near a window or walk outside for a few minutes. The sunlight should wake you up in a way that is very effective for the progress of your day. If you know you are overly tired, do not close yourself in. Get outside, go near a window with the sunlight pouring in, and your spirits should rise.