September 26, 2018 | By Peyton Sawyer


As the holiday season approaches, business owners like you are preparing to entice holiday shoppers with their products and promotions, hoping to turn a profit that will carry their business through the winter and beyond. While your first thought may not be to winterize your business, it should be part of the plan.

Man holding cash advance money after approval.

With the severe weather conditions that have plagued our nation over past years, there is no time like the present to invest in repairs or supplies that may be needed to protect your business in the event of extreme weather. It is always a smart idea to make sure that your business is safe from mother nature’s wrath.

Are you wondering what small business owners can do to prepare for a harsh winter?

Check The Structure of Your Business

Making sure the structure of your business is sound is important at the time of the year. The foundation and structure should be solid. Any cracks or weakness in the foundation, front, side or back bearing walls should be reinforced or repaired. Also, any loose materials should be taken down or fixed to avoid a hazardous situation for you and your employees, as well as the community. Weather conditions that cause extreme winds can send loose materials flying off into the wind, which can be quite dangerous.

Make Sure the Roof Is Leak Proof

Protecting the interior of your business, sometimes means securing the outside. With the amount of rainfall or snow that certain areas are susceptible too, it is best to have the roof checked or even put a new topcoat every few years. Damage from a rooftop leaking may not stop at your ceiling, it has the potential to also damage products or equipment in your business if the leak is bad enough.

Stock Up on Sand Bags and Rock Salt

Pile of sandbags for winter.

Being prepared for any weather conditions that come your way is a smart move. Stocking up on sandbags and rock salt can assist you with any flood warnings in your area or abundance of snow causing icing conditions on your property. It's always better to think ahead than find yourself in a predicament.

Make Sure You Have Your Windows Covered

If your business in an area where it is common to experience hurricane-force winds you may already have the necessary windows or shutters need to protect your business, but if not then making sure you are prepared for the worst is never a bad idea. Windows in a business can be pricy, most of them are custom-made, which means that replacing them is not something you want to waste money on. Invest in plywood or shutters to protect your windows from extreme weather conditions. It's an investment that will really pay off.

Stock Up on Inventory

Stocking up on inventory can be a great way to stay ahead of the game. After a serious storm, you will often experience a delay in shipments. You may not be able to receive shipments due to weather conditions, or your supplier may not be able to ship inventory out due to their weather conditions. Either way, the lack of inventory can be harmful to your business. It is better to overstock sometimes in this situation.


Preparing for a bad winter can be costly, especially if you have repairs to make or supplies to purchase. If your working capital is low, making the necessary updates for the winter season may seem impossible. Consider a merchant cash advance. With the quick cash solution a merchant cash advance offers, you can be safe from the harmful winter that is approaching.