September 6, 2018 | By Peyton Sawyer

If you are a small business owner using social media outlets, make sure that you are taking the time to oversee your accounts. Tapping into the free advertising that social media can provide is a great first step, but staying current and updating those accounts is a key component to your success.

There are several ways to create a buzz on your social media sites, whether you are active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or any other platform you may be using. Here is how:

Adding Audio

Recording audio may be a new adventure for you. If you are not sure how to use this feature, or if the social media platform you subscribe to, offers access to uploading an audio file, ask for help. Adding audio may be as easy as selecting a program that permits recording and choosing a message to display.

Encouraging Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is a great way to stay connected. In the past, we had no way of knowing how our business or services were perceived. Today, customers have the option to write a review, request information, or even make suggestions. Communication is half the battle in any relationship, especially professional. So, stay connected to your customers, provide answers to their questions, and consider their remarks, to secure a more profitable future.

Becoming Familiar with Photo Editing Tools

Sometimes, it is all about the photo. Posting a crisp, colorful, and attractive image can make all the difference. An image that catches your eye often be viewed more than a photo that doesn’t excite the mind. Take advantage of any new apps or photo editing tools, so you can keep things interesting.

There are plenty of free apps, but if you would like to take it a step further, and hire a social media expert or even invest in program to assist in advertising, then do it. If you don’t have the capital to get the job done, a merchant cash advance is another option. What better way to invest, than to take a chance and invest in yourself!

Learning How to SlideShare

Have you ever created a presentation for anyone? Maybe an investor or another individual that plays a role in your business. If so, what did you do with the slide show after your meeting? Don’t file it away in your desk drawer. Take the time to upload it to SlideShare, and share it in an email, conference, or even on your blog. Your hard work should not go to waste!


Blogging, Blogging, and More Blogging

Blogging can be quite beneficial to your business. With options like long-form, short-form, and image-only you can choose where you would like to post your blog and how much information you would like to provide. Posting a long-form blog (meaning more content) should be done on your regular blog, whereas short-form or image-only Less content or information) can be used to post on sites like Instagram. The important thing to remember is to consistently update the information your share.