April 15, 2019 | By Mason Roberts

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Being a means many things. Long hours, constantly needing answers, problem-solving, making tough decisions, and much more. This is not for someone who is lighthearted, as sometimes you will have to be the bad guy. You are the boss, meaning you have to make the hard choices for the sake of your business, such as firing a lousy employee. If you are not sure if you can handle it, think it over. If you have decided that you may not be able to follow through, then do not do it. This is a career choice that should be thoroughly thought through. It is a demanding career move, needing your full attention very often. 

You may be wondering what it is you should be thinking over. You know it is a serious decision and you want to be cautious, but you just aren’t quite sure what this career change will entail. Well, that is what I’m here for. Here are 7 important things to know before becoming an entrepreneur.

1. You Will Not Be An Overnight Success

When becoming an entrepreneur, many people think it will be quick and painless. That is not the case. This is hard work, as it should be. You cannot expect to be a booming success with no effort being put into the process. The truth is, no matter what is said online or through the grapevine, no established business was an overnight success. It had most likely taken at least a year to get the business off the ground, if not longer. A vital trait to have in this drastic career move is patience. As said many times before, patience is a virtue. Practice it, perfect it. The more time you take on your business, the better it will be. When your business is ready to see the world, you will know it.

2. Take Advantage Of Your Strengths

Your strengths are your best friends. They are what will make your business flourish. Do not forget this. Many times, business owners focus on improving their weaknesses, rather than perfecting their strengths. While, yes, it is important to work on things you are weak at, your strengths are your money makers here. Once your business is off the ground and bringing in strong revenue, then you can work on improving both your weaknesses and strengths. For the time being though, build your business on your most strong traits. This will create a business for you in which you can grow, rather than struggle with consistently.

3. Expect Failure

Failure is normal in the process of becoming an entrepreneur. Now failing does not have to mean your business going under in the first months of your business. That is obviously not an ideal situation. You should expect little failures though. Mistakes happen. It is normal. Expecting these failures will help you grow from them each time. If you go into this career with no intention of ever making a mistake and think everything you do will be perfect, each mistake you do make will be a harder hit to you, making you doubt everything you have been working for. Expecting some failures, even the smallest of them will make you stronger each time.

4. Choose Your Team Wisely

Being the owner of a business is a hard job all in its own, so you will need help for the other odd jobs. When starting out, many entrepreneurs want to do every job themselves. This may be okay for a little while, but burnout is inevitable. As your business grows, so will the workload. This is where help is necessary. Hire a team that you trust to get the job done just as you would do it, if not better. If there is a part of the job that you are not strongest at, bring someone in who is. It may cost you more money, but it will make the chances of success that much higher.

5. Know Who Your Target Market Is

Knowing your target market for your product before opening up to the public will help you immensely. This is arguably one of the most important aspects of creating a business. If you are aware of your target market, you can advertise in ways they will see. For example, if the crowd is young, you should be turning to Instagram. If you do not know your customer, chances are that you are not marketing the way you should be, creating a standstill in sales. Without customers, there will be no sales, and without sales, there will be no business. Reviewing who your customer is and what you can do to draw them in will never hurt you and only help you.

6. Be Ready For Stress

Being in the corporate world, no matter if you are the owner or the employee, can be stressful one time or another. Being an entrepreneur, there is a lot of responsibility on your shoulders daily. This can get to be a bit overwhelming at times, so it is better to be ready for it than be blindsided by it. Going into this career move with the knowledge of a crazy amount of potential stress will help you handle it. Be proactive about it. You know yourself more than anyone else. If you think that yoga will help you handle things being thrown your way, start it before the stress even comes. Do not wait for your breaking point to come before deciding on helping yourself. Your health is the most important thing, especially if you are the big boss. Without you being 100% healthy, both mentally and physically, you will not only suffer, but your business will as well.


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7. Set Goals

Going into your career blindly will only cause you issues. It may not happen immediately, but it will happen eventually. It is a smart idea to create goals for yourself, even a business plan. Map out what you would like to accomplish in a day, week, month, and year. Set goals for yourself, as well as your team. Have weekly meetings to check in with your staff. Evaluate what is working and what is not. It may seem like tedious work at first, but it will inevitably let you continue in the right direction towards never-ending success.