January 28, 2020 | Mason Roberts


Being a business owner means many different things. You have so much that you are responsible for. Though responsibilities some are more urgent than others, they all can be dwindled down to one common denominator— you. You are responsible for what your business turns into or doesn’t turn into. You are not in it alone, though. Your business is made up of more than just you. There are many factors that contribute to your success. A major part of it is your employees. After all, your employees help build your business with you. You cannot do everything yourself. That is why they are there. Without your employees, your business may not have made it to where it is today. Oftentimes, business owners overlook the amount of work their staff truly put in each and every day. Recognize who has helped you grow, and who continues to do so. Give credit where credit is due. They are very well part of the reason that you made it in your career.


Did you ever hear the saying teamwork makes the dream work? This is especially true in business. You cannot do everything on your own. You need others on your side. If not now, you will eventually. When you do, though, you should be working on keeping your employees happy when coming into your place of business. They should be at ease when clocking in and be motivated each and every day to keep their good work up.


It can become a bit overwhelming when thinking about how to keep your employees satisfied and eager to come back. If you feel a bit lost, do not worry. Here are the best tips for keeping your employees happy.


1. Talk About Their Progress

You do not have to lie to your employees. If they are doing something wrong, be sure to let them know how to fix it. You can still make sure everything is done right while making sure that your employees know they are appreciated. A quick way to make sure your employees become defeated is by telling them everything they are doing is wrong, while never reminding them what they do right. With everything you ask them to fix, be sure you also have a remark about their progress. Let them know that they are on the right road to success, and just need a little extra work to get there. If you want them to be motivated, they must want to go further. They should want to push themselves in the right direction, and your appreciation will only make them want it that much more.

2. Plan Team Building Exercises

A great way to be sure that your employees enjoy being in your business is to make them want to be there. When an employee feels like their co-workers are more than just that, that they are also their friends, they look forward to clocking in each day. In a way, they look at it as being paid to spend time with the people they care about. If you feel like your business does not have that dynamic, and you wish it did work on making everyone closer. Plan things to do to make everyone feel closer. An effective way of doing this is by planning team-building exercises. Put aside time where your staff can get to know each other. Let them talk amongst themselves. Find a way so that everyone can find others they have things in common with. This will also eliminate the dread of coming into work with no one to talk to. Oftentimes, an employee may feel awkward at work. They may find any excuse to not come in because they are nervous about having no one to talk to. Making this a comfortable place for them to come will only make your employees that much happier.

3. Give Them Opportunities

The strongest way to make sure your employees feeling motivated is by giving them room to grow. If they do not feel like they can progress in your business, they have no incentive to work. Let them know that they are part of a bigger picture in your business. They are the future. No matter if you realize it or not, you need them to grow. They are what make your business. The team behind you makes your business that much better. As they help you, help them. Give them the means to grow and become bigger and better. They will truly stay driven to making their careers progress.


4. Let Them Take Breaks

A common reason that business people become unhappy is the pressure of feeling very overwhelmed each day. Being in the business world can be stressful. Oftentimes, it is. If you do not give yourself time for you, you will break under pressure. This is also true for your employees. If you see that your staff seems to be a bit more under pressure than usual, help them out. Let them have a few minutes to themselves. Even if they have already had their break that they are entitled to that day, be generous in giving them another one if deemed necessary.

5. Make It Enjoyable

An obvious way of making your employees happy is to make your place of business easy-going. If your business is not the best place to be, your staff will know it. They will feel it, and they will dread coming into work each day. Make your business a good place to be. Have some fun days planned. Maybe create a theme day. Or, even a pizza day. Make it feel light and easy when coming into your business. Your business will have a great atmosphere for your employees to enjoy.