July 16, 2019 | By Mason Roberts

Running a business, small or big, can be difficult. You will run into many obstacles. There are many things that can get in the way, especially for a business owner just starting out. If you are about to jump into the bustling business world and know little to nothing about the important details, look to someone for help. Many business owners, when hearing this, run the other way. There are countless aspiring entrepreneurs who are too cocky to ask others for their expertise. If you want to have a successful establishment, do not be like these people. Do what they refused to do, and your career path will dodge many things that could get in your way of great accomplishments.


When starting a business, the right thing to realize is that you may need guidance. You may need advice on the things you would have never seen coming or even common mishaps that you may not know how to navigate. If you want to see your business become great, you need to open to advice from those who know better. The first step in finding the right people for this is detecting who can actually help, and who would want too. Turn to those you trust with your career, as well as those who have the means and experience to assist you. Here are the :

Friends And Family

Like I said before, a mentor you turn to should be someone you trust. Who better than a loved one? Now, you may not have an entrepreneur in the family, which may limit the questions you can ask, but there will likely be people who only want to see great things happen for you. Though you are asking questions about business issues, you may not need an experienced owner to get the answer. Many business owners come face-to-face with issues that any person with real-life experience may have the knowledge to solve. So, ask around. Go to someone you trust, whether it be your parent, aunt, uncle, or friend, and see what they say. Right off the bat, you may disagree, and that is okay. The point is that you tried to make your business better by attempting to broaden your scope of entrepreneurial knowledge. Looking to those you trust for advice is always a great idea. They can really surprise you, and help your business take off.

Woman helping friend using online chat.



For any business owner just starting out, a lawyer can help you in a number of ways. They can help you build what kind of business you want, as well as navigate the logistics of it. For example, you are just starting your own business. Well, really all you have is a good product. You are not quite sure where to go from there. That is completely fine. This is where you turn to a reliable lawyer. They can really help you establish which kind of business structure you are going for, which one would work best towards your target market, and creating a well thought out business plan. Following this, a lawyer would be a great help in gaining the perfect license to run your business, as well as appropriate startup finance. You may always come across stubborn customers who refuse to cooperate with you. This is where a lawyer comes in handy.


It is important when looking for the right lawyer, you make sure they specialize in small business cases. This is the way to ensure the best results when turning to an attorney for assistance.


An accountant is one of the most important mentors in the entire startup process, even when you are years deep too. An obstacle you will run into time and time again will likely be financially related. An accountant should be able to help you with this if they are doing their job right. If you want to make a big purchase that can make or break your business, ask your accountant first. They should advise you on which direction to go in. If it is the right time or not. They can help you manage your budget and create a great system for you to stay financially on track throughout the duration of your career. An accountant is your best friend in this area of your career.


Mentors meetings to help fellow employees.


Where many business owners go wrong is the hiring process. This can really make your business suffer. If you want to hire employees to help the day-to-day process of your business but aren’t sure where to start, this is when you will turn to a recruiter mentor. Tell them who you want, what type of employee you are looking for. Tell the recruiter what kind of strengths they should possess, and any important details that the job title entails. Once you give recruiters all the necessary information, they can put together the perfect job description for your business, bringing in only qualified people to the interview. Also, a recruiter can really help you throughout the interview process as well. If you are feeling overwhelmed and confused about your decision, you can turn to them and ask for their professional advice.

Other Experienced Business Owners

Finding a mentor is an experienced, successful business owner is a great way to go. This is someone you want to be like, business-wise, so why not ask them how they do it? Get all their secrets. A smart way to go is to find someone who specializes in the same field as you. Ask them about the troubles you have faced, and the ones you know you are likely to face. Ask them about their experiences. What was the toughest thing they went through? How did they get through it? What did they learn from the experience? There are countless numbers of lessons you can learn from an experienced business owner, so take advantage of it.


Also, they can advise you on your best funding options, and what helped them best. The right business funding can be tough to come by, so it is great to know someone who personally took advantage of a specific option, for example, a merchant cash advance. There are many options, so let them help you find the best one for you.