January 6, 2020 | Mason Roberts

Who can help business gathering of friendsStarting a business takes an obscene amount of effort. From the outside, you may think that it does not take even half the amount of hard work it does to build a business from the ground up. As an outsider, you may see a well oiled machine, thinking everything has run smoothly for a long time. I can almost guarantee you, it has not always been that way.


The business owner, more than likely, has struggled to get to where they are in their career. Where some crack under the pressure, others come out the other side a winner. If you are starting your own small business, you obviously want to succeed. Who in their right mind wouldn’t? What you may need to strongly development your establishment, though, is help. You may need people on your side, who support you, to give a little extra push when necessary.


Guidance in your career is something that can assist you in many ways. When you build your own business, you will run into unique issues. While you may have a solution that can work, there may be another one out there that could be a complete game changer for your business. This is when you should turn to the expertise of another who can guide you in the right direction. As a business owner, it is important that you are able to do this. You should be comfortable putting your pride aside, and asking for help when needed. Continue to remind yourself that no successful business owner has got to where they are without some assistance here and there. You can not do everything on your own. You may need some to lend a hand.


Here are the best mentors to help you build your business:


1. Friends And Family



Your friends and family look out for you. They want the best outcomes for you. This is not to say for everyone in the business world. Some will have ill intentions for you. They will say they wish you the best to your face, but wish the complete opposite in private. If you have a strong relationship with your loved ones, they will set their sights on good things for you. They will work with you in reaching the goals you so desperately wish for.


As a business owner, you may feel a bit frazzled from time to time. You will need some guidance from those you believe will steer you right. Who better than a close family member, or long time friend? You may overlook them if they do not have knowledge in a business field, but they can be helpful in many other ways. If you are stressed, they may be the key to calming you down. If there are confrontations between employees, they may have some advice on how to smooth over the tense situation. Be aware of the fact that they may have more to offer you than you think.


2. Lawyer


A lawyer can be very useful in a business, whether it is brand new or old as can be. They can guide you in deciding which direction you want your business to go in. On the same note, they can push down which path you should choose, even if you did not think of it yourself. A lawyer who specializes in guiding business owners can turn your establishment around. Where you have been an owner for only a short period of time, they may have been doing this job for decades. They could have ideas under their belts that can bring your business to the next level.


Another circumstance may be if you are in the early stages of building your business. All you have is an idea of a product, or service. A lawyer can help you in several ways. They can assist you in making sure no one steals your idea, as well as where to take it. A lawyer can be extremely important in the process of deciding a business structure, as well. Whatever the reason for hiring a lawyer is, be sure to confirm that they specialize in small business cases. In doing this, you are ensuring that they will get you the best results possible.


Who can help business lawyer bookshelf


3. Accountant


An accountant is vital in the startup process. Money is a huge part of almost everything, especially starting your own business. It is something that you can not get away from, no matter how hard you try. This can be stressful for many people. Actually, it causes a headache for most. An accountant can truly take the weight off while making smart financial decisions for you and your establishment. For example, if you are struggling in making ends meet and have to make some cuts, an accountant can assist you on deciding what should stay, and what should go.


Also, if you want to make a large purchase for your business, they can help you decide if it is the best choice or not. An accountant can let you know if a business choice will help you, or hurt you. Also, where many business owners struggle is budgeting correctly. This is where many lose their way financially, and have trouble getting back to where they want to be. An accountant can help you in a number of different ways, each one contributing to the success rate of your establishment.


4. Other Business Owners


Who better to help you out than another business owner? The best way to go in doing this is finding a successful business owner with a lot of experience. Find someone who you look up too. Ask them all the questions you have. How did they do it? What were some mistakes they made along the way? What did they learn from them?


Ask them what the best piece of advice they have for you is. A great direction to go in is choosing someone who is in the same field of interest you are in, or wish to be in. There are many, many lessons you can learn from an experienced business owner, so be open to it.