December 12, 2018 | By Peyton Sawyer


Becoming a success begins with you. But transforming yourself from a person who dreams of success to a person that achieves success isn't easy. It requires you to think, act, and carry yourself like the successful person you're striving to be. Taking the road less traveled or forging your own can help to transform you from ordinary, to extraordinary. Take chances!

 Man reading book successful habit.

There are no road maps to success; you will need to find your way, through planning, research and the guts it takes to set out on the path that will be most rewarding. But there are several simple acts that will help you to reach the status you desire.


While reading may not be your first choice after a long day, it has been said to be the healthiest thing you can do for your brain. That's because reading stimulates and strengthens your mind. You'll see the difference in what you can learn and retain just from abandoning your casual reading status for that of an avid reader. If you want to make your mark on the world, just as the great thinkers and inventors have, then reading should be you’re the first step. Remember, knowledge is power!


While you may think that working until the wee hours of the night will help you advance, you'd be mistaken. Sleep deprivation can take a toll on your health as well as your decision-making process. While the required amount of sleep will vary from person to person, sacrificing an essential amount of rest to work longer hours is counter-productive. Studies have shown that decreasing your sleep by even an hour or so can reduce your thinking and decision-making process by 32%. You should be sure to have at least 6 hours of sleep to work at an optimal level.


Most successful business owners write. Whether it is a personal journal, a book, or some type of business publication. Writing is an excellent way to keep the creative juices flowing and keep your mental and emotional self in check. Letting go of the stress and problems that you're harboring is essential for growth, so pick up the pen and start writing today!


Making your body as energy efficient as possible means serious exercise. That doesn’t mean setting unrealistic goals of benching more than your body weight. You will be surprised what walking, bike riding, or using yoga to exercise your mind body and soul can do overtime. You may even create an atmosphere that helps to develop your best ideas.

 Man excercising habits for success.

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Eat Well

“Food for thought?” That saying has never been more true. Eating the right foods can help brain function, as well as provide a good energy source. Being the highly productive individual that success demands, will require more than just hard work. It also requires a level of personal health. Keep your body functioning at full potential with the healthy foods that provide the right fuel.