April 3, 2019 | By Mason Roberts

If you are a small business owner, this may be the time you have been waiting for. This may have been your dream for years and years, and you are finally here.


You may be bursting at the seams with the excitement of potential opportunities to happen in your career. Though you are hopeful, you may be a bit frazzled now. You’re at the beginning of your dream career, but now what?


How to Survive Year One

It can be difficult to get started. There are so many directions to go, so many things you can focus on over something else. The question that arises quite frequently once starting a small business is, what next? Commonly, the first year of owning your own small business can be the hardest time for an entrepreneur.


This is especially true where using your capital is concerned. You must learn to spend your cash wisely and efficiently, not blowing it all in one shot. Continue to read to gain a grasp on how to survive the first year of your small business, and how to grow your establishment accordingly.


Start With A Business Plan

Having a solid, smart business plan is important when being an owner. Make sure every decision you make has a reason and a plan for what will come afterward. For example, if you were to take out traditional business funding for your small business, the initial plan should be choosing the best option. In doing this, you must research.


Understand the rates and terms each funder is offering the borrowers and decide what is the best option for your small business. Following this, make a plan on how to handle your added funding responsibly. Keep in mind the payment dates, and the regulations you have to follow. When making a business plan, every aspect should have a cause as well as an effect.


A business plan will help you stay organized and in check. Writing a business plan will help your expenses stay in check, and the first months, or year, of your business, will be planned out strategically, being ready for any unexpected outcomes that can be thrown your way.


Understand Your Customers

Many small business owners mistakenly make their establishment fold fairly quickly because of their lack of marketing campaigns. When marketing for your business, it is important that you are aware of who your target customers are. Knowing the little details of your loyal or potential customers will help you become a great business owner.


Speaking out to your customers in ways that they will appreciate and understand will bring in more positive results and a larger amount of sales. Also, keep track of what your customers react positively too, and what they do not. This will help you create a marketing campaign that will without a doubt catch the attention of customers from near and far.


Business meeting to help understand customers.


Make Sure You Keep Your Expenses Low

This is something that is vital. If your business expenses exceed your budget, your business can go under because of this. If you run out of cash, you will not have the means to move forward. When spending your money, make sure it is used on something that is absolutely necessary.


When you're first starting a small business, it is easy to spend money like crazy, purchasing products and services for future needs that may not even be definite. This is a lousy decision because basing your spending on hypotheticals. You must make these decisions when the time is right. Also, try and save money on the necessary things, such as electricity or water bills. When leaving your business for the night, make sure all the lights and devices are off and the faucets in the bathrooms are not running. These are simple tasks that can save you a sum of money over time.


Lastly, make sure you do not have any unnecessary staff members as well. When reviewing all mechanics, inventory, and staff members, you should make sure everything and everyone is deemed of extreme importance.


Review Your Finances

Reviewing your money spent and revenue coming in is a great idea. Looking at this monthly will give you a good understanding of what is working, and what is not. In the first year of your business, this is especially crucial. At the beginning of your small business, your money is being spent every which way, so you should keep track of what is going on.


When owning a small business, you should not assume that everything will work itself out and not pay attention to the financial details. Reviewing your finances will help you be aware of everything that is happening in your business. You will not be hit with the unknown of debt or financial struggle. This will ensure that you are ready for anything to be thrown your way.


Do Not Be Afraid Of Change

The corporate world changes with the world around us frequently. You can plan and plan all you want, but the reality is that something unexpected can happen on any given day.


If you are a successful entrepreneur, you should be ready to adapt and grow your idea with the environment surrounding your business. Do not get too comfortable with your small business idea as it is now, because chances are that it will have to be changed a smidge in the duration of your career.


Make sure that you are not stuck in your ways, as it can result in the collapse of your establishment in the face of change.


Different marketing terms and options.


Think Up A Backup Plan

The business world can be unpredictable at times, whether it be the new trends or the economy. It is important that you make a plan for an unpredictable future. Creating a backup plan will help you stay on the fast track of success when something unexpected is thrown your way.


Your backup plan should be different than the plan you have now. Make a plan for what you have now to be gone, and how you would adapt to that. This will not only help your small business grow but will, in turn, make you become a stronger entrepreneur when facing struggles.