March 23, 2020 | Mason Roberts


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For anyone who wants to start a business, the question of funding is always on their minds. How are they going to get it? How much do they need? Who will help them? These questions will seem to continuously become more pressing as your ideas develop. It is easy to push the funding issues aside when your ideas are just that: ideas. You can sit back and think about your future and push your lack of finances to the back of your mind, dreaming of becoming a success by putting your product on the market. Eventually, if you want your dreams to come true, you must circle back to the inevitable truth that you will need a good sum of funding to jumpstart it. No establishment can become accomplished without funding backing it up.

To receive funding, you have to work for it. There is not going to be a lender waiting for your idea to fund. You have to show them why your business is worth backing, and how it is unique from the rest. The struggle for many startup business owners is having the ability to stand out from the rest of the crowd. No matter how strong your idea is, there is likely a similar product out there somewhere. The key to becoming a success, and receiving the funding you need, is to be different from the rest. A great way to ensure this happens is to start with a solid idea, and then give it a little twist. Make it uniquely yours. Not only will people be more inclined to lend you capital, but customers will also appreciate your business much more as well. These are the two things that can bring you success in your career.

Funding is what can make your business dreams become a reality. This thought alone tends to stress the average person out if they do not have disposable cash. This is when you should turn to the alternative funding options, and find which is right for you.

Here are the best ways to fund your startup business:

1. Traditional Bank Funding

Turning to a bank is the most commonplace that aspiring business owners seek funding. This is where many look to when they are in a difficult financial situation. Where startups are concerned, though, traditional bank funding often does not work out as you hope. The bank lenders want to see tangible evidence that your business will make back the money you are borrowing, plus some. As a startup business, you do not have this proof to show them. All you will have is a great product, a business plan, and anything else deemed necessary. Very few startup business owners receive funding from this source. The few who do will have outstanding credit. There is no going around it. It is not even worth looking to a bank unless your credit is extremely strong.

2. Make A Deal With A Complimentary Business

Business people closing deal.

This is a very untraditional way of receiving funding for a business. It can be what helps you get to where you want to be, though. Making a deal with another establishment is something that many business owners do in order to receive the funding they are searching high and low for. This is when you look to a business that you will interact with a lot where finances are concerned. See if they are willing to make an agreement with you. Ask them about receiving an advance on all of your royalties from them, in exchange for something else. The royalties do add up. This can ultimately be the factor that jumpstarts your career into high gear. It can be daunting going to another business owner with this offer, but it can be what takes your business from a simple idea to a success story.

3. Look To Those Who Specialize In Funding Startups

Where bank lenders can be difficult to crack when showing them your startup ideas, there are some who are looking for the right startup to fund. There are lenders out there who want to invest in a great product with a strong business owner working to bring it to life. Search them out, and show them what you are made of as a business owner. The very real obstacle with going this route, though, is that you will not be the only startup they are reviewing. They will have many options to choose from, so make an impact on them. As I said, you should stand out against other startup businesses. This is how you will increase your odds of being chosen for funding.

4. Turn To Your Friends And Family

This can be a tricky option, but it is still an option nevertheless. Your friends and family are people you trust and trust you back in turn. This can be a great option for funding. You are turning to those that want the best for you. People who work within the business world often do not think of the best for you, but what is best for them. This could work in your favor, but it can also go horribly wrong. Those who care about you will be looking out for you no matter what. A major issue, though, is that the line between a professional relationship and a personal one can become blurred.


If you want to turn to your trusted ones for financial help, do so. Make it known that you want to keep this very professional. When asking for their help, do so, in the same manner, you would with a banker. Present a business plan. Tell them how they will benefit from investing in your business. Sell it. If you go to them in a manner that is simply seen as unprofessional, that is how the relationship will start off as. You should want to start your business off strong, and that means having a great foundation with those who are funding it.