September 25, 2019 | Mason Roberts

destress small business owners

Stress is not an unheard-of thing. It can happen to even the most relaxed person. Everyone faces struggles at one time or another. If you are a small business owner, you know what stress really is. Entrepreneurs around the world face high levels of stress every day. This is for many reasons, but one that stands out the most is the amount of pressure they are under.


As a small business owner, your umbrella of responsibilities is overflowing. First of all, you are held accountable how successful the business is, or not. No matter what happens, no matter whose fault it is a major mistake is, everyone will look to you for answers. You are the boss. You are responsible for the livelihood of your business and in that your employees, and anyone else depending on you. Business owners are so stressed because they know all of this. They are aware of the endless tasks they have to attend to each day. They know how many people are counting on them to come through. It is not an easy job, to say the least.


Stress can truly turn a dream career into something a person loathes. It does not always have to be like this though. There are solutions, or aids, to in even the hardest of times. People go through very heavy struggles every day that they find their way out of. They make it to the other side, and you can, too.


If you are suffering from constant business stress, follow these easy tips to relax.

1. You Time Should Always Be A Priority

As a business owner, big or small, you will get pulled every which way, for endless reasons. There are customers to tend too, employees to deal with, bills to pay, etc. While it is important that you work hard and treat everyone with respect, there are certain times where you should just put yourself first. Many entrepreneurs here the phrase “you time” and immediately shut it down. As if they cannot fathom even thinking about themselves, or their health, before their career. Well, I hate to be the one to say it, but your state of mind and the progress of your business will eventually be hand-in-hand. If you are letting the stress get to you, and are feeling intense emotions, you will not be able to tough it through forever. At some point, you will become too wiped out to even think about your business. That, or you will make major decisions for your establishment in such a sleepy state that can affect your career in a negative way. If you do not make your state of mind a priority, your business can begin to crumble before your very eyes.

A great way to give yourself some “you” time is to do something that you find relaxing. For example, if you love physical activity, go do something. Run, yoga, anything. Your mind will be at ease, and you will be ready to take on your next task with a sharp mind.

2. Say No To What Is Necessary

Business owners have the habit to say “yes” much more often than they say “no”. They want increased business and will try and get it. This means they are often mindlessly saying “yes”, a lot. This isn’t always a bad thing, but there are times that it can begin to cross a line. If you are feeling extremely overwhelmed, or uncomfortable, when you agree to something, do not do it. There is a reason your gut is telling you that this is not right for you. Whether it be because you simply have too much on your plate, or that you are not okay with doing what is asked of you, you do not have to do something that you don’t want to do. Piling too much on your plate will cause you major issues in the long run. Like I said before, you will crash. Like what will happen when not prioritizing yourself, you will watch your business fall before your eyes. Learn to say “no” to things that are not in the realm of what you actually want to do. As a business owner, you will have to put up with certain things. You may not love everything that you have to do, but if you find you have a choice and do not want to do something, then don’t. All in all, you are the boss and you get to make the rules. Do not let anyone else start to run the show.

3. Delegate To Others

You do not have to take on everything on your own. This is the misconception that many business owners have. Countless owners think that they have to do everything on their own, creating their problem of increasing stress. Know now, you do not have to take on every single task in your business, big or small. That is what your employees are for. They are there to make your life easier and make your business run smoothly. So, let them. When you are feeling the pressure of your business, or you just simply need help navigating something, turn to your trusty employees. They can make your journey much better, and simpler. This may be a solution for something that you wish you can say no too but are not able too. Because you will have to do some things that you wish you did not. Delegating to your employees will make your life simpler. They are there to help you, so you must let them.

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Bottom Line

Running a business is not always so cut and dry. You will feel stress from the most unexpected of places. Do not let this deter you from your goals. Always work towards your goals at a steady speed, with a good head on your shoulders. Do not let the stress stop you. De-stress by finding the best ways that work for you.