June 19, 2019 | By Mason Roberts

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Stress is something that everyone has. No matter your job, or lack of, everyone gets stressed at one point in their life. Whether the cause is money, family, or anything else under the sun, stress is very common. Chaos is something that many people deal with on the regular, especially small business owners. Being a small business owner is hard work. No matter how big or small your establishment is, there are tasks that you will have that seem to be endless. If stress is common for normal people all over the world, it is even more of a reality for entrepreneurs.


Many small business owners have a hard time setting themselves apart from their work tasks to their personal lives, bringing work home with them each night. This is not a proactive way in helping yourself deal with your work life, and enjoy your social one.


Here are the best ways in achieving a stress free business life:

Ask Yourself The Tough Questions

As a business owner, you may not want to recognize what is causing you hardships. You may have an idea of what the issue is, but do not want to be honest with yourself about it. So, the first step in distressing yourself is detecting what is causing you stress. Is it the hours? Is it your employees? Is it the financial responsibility? Is it everything together? Whatever the answer is, work hard to find a solution that works best for you. Times can be hard, so find a way to make it easier on yourself.

Make A Schedule That Works Best For You

If you’re a business owner, you were probably sick of working your regular job and want to be your own boss, making your own rules. This is how many business owners come about. You want to make your own schedule and set your own standards. This is a great thing to be able to do if done right. When making your own schedule, make sure you give yourself time to accomplish everything that needs to be done in a timely manner, without jam-packing what you are responsible for.


When you are your own boss, it is easy to stray from your plans, getting caught in work chaos, trying to accomplish more than necessary in a workday. This will really diminish the quality of work you put into your day and cause you more distress than you could potentially handle.

Put Yourself First Enough

Putting yourself first sometimes is an important part of owning your own business. Your health, both emotionally and physically, should come before anything else. If you are suffering, your business will suffer. It is an inevitable circumstance. You can only function so long on an empty tank. If you are feeling run down, give yourself some time to get back to normal. Your business will only get better once you do. These two things run hand-in-hand.

Give Others Responsibilities

You may want to do everything yourself. You may want to go into your day, do all the big picture tasks, as well as the small, and give your employees no more responsibility than cleaning the floor. This will only work for you for so long. You will become overwhelmed sooner, rather than later, and not accomplish things to your best ability. A great way to avoid this issue from the jump is to hire employees that you wholeheartedly trust. Delegate tasks to those that you know can accomplish them just as well as you can, maybe even better. Everyone has their strengths. Find the best employee to complete what needs to be done and sit back and wait for amazing results. As a business owner, you should build a team that will help your business flourish, rather than make them sink.


Like stated multiple times before, being a business owner is a stressful experience. The best thing you can do to try and help yourself is to find time to unwind. When you are at work, do everything you need to do that day. Work hard and steady. When you leave work, though, actually leave it. Once you go home, this is should be your relaxation time. Take time for yourself. Do something you enjoy. Maybe it’s reading, maybe it’s listening to music. Whatever it is you choose to do, make sure it is something that will calm your body and mind. Give yourself the downtime you so desperately need. This is an important part of destressing.

Ways To Calm

There are many ways to calm yourself when feeling wound up with nerves. For example, meditation is an activity many overworked businesspeople take advantage of to help them get back to themselves. From learning to relaxing breathing techniques, to stretch that will unwound you immediately, meditation is something that can help you in a very effective way. Another effective activity to do, that was mentioned before, is reading. Reading is proven to be a relaxing activity to take up, helping some transfer into another world, for the time being, forgetting the stress of their life. Also, exercise, such as boxing, will help you get any aggression out you that works you up. There are endless things that work for people. Find what suits you best, and make it your after-work fun.

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What now?

Stress can seem never-ending. Just when you are relieved from one thing, another thing is just around the corner. You cannot expect it to go away forever. The best thing you can do is be proactive and put yourself first. This is how your business will succeed as well as yourself. Find the best ways to calm yourself, and you will be the happiest business owner all around. In order to continue loving your business, and not burn out before your business is even truly off the ground, finding time to deal with your stress is the most important thing to do. Run a successful business, and be happy all at the same time.