March 22, 2019 | By Mason Roberts



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As your startup grows, business owners may bring on more staff. When it comes to doing this, it pays (in more that one way) to hire smart. Think of who you are hiring and for what position. When you're starting a business, the employees you decide to bring on will make a big difference in your success.


Who Should You Hire?

If you hire an unmotivated staff member who is rude to your customers, that will the reputation your business will hold. This will turn new, potential customers away.

Now, though you may need salespeople on your staff, in order to really grow your business, you need to bring in people from all over the spectrum. Really vary in the jobs you are hiring for. Listed here are the best professionals for your small business success:

Maintenance Team

Chances are, you have been handling maintenance yourself in your startup business. You have been vacuuming, mopping, scrubbing, unclogging, everything. On top of this, you have all the other duties you must complete because after all, you are the boss. So, why continue to stress yourself with the extra unnecessary tasks?


The maintenance that needs to be done in your business will eventually be more than a screw loose here and there. Something as big as fixing electrical issues or plumbing problems are very likely to happen sooner or later. Having a maintenance man or woman on the payroll is a great way to keep your business up and running in the face of an emergency.

Tech Team

When starting a business, you need at least some understanding of computers. It should be something you can understand, at least on the basic level. However, even if you do understand the basics, your business will reach a point where it is in need of someone with far more understanding of the process.


You will need a tech-savvy person in your pocket to come when you are in desperate need of assistance. An IT person, or team, will come in handy many times. Whether it is installing computers, installing necessary programs, or fixing any serious technical issues. Tech teams are worth hiring, as you will be saving time and yourself, from irritability.

Accounting Team

Accountants are someone you should look too at the start of your business. They can help you come up with a great financial plan, taking into account your present financial state and your small business.


Not only can they help you create a finance plan, but they can also assist you in setting a budget for your business, so you do not spend more than you have and end up in a hole. Once your business brings in revenue, an accountant can help you understand which direction your business is going.


Marketing and PR Team

To succeed, as a business owner you need to make big decisions. There will come a point where you can’t rely on others to spread the news of your business. You need to find a bigger, and better way to promote your business. As you are the sole business owner, you can not do the advertising yourself forever, with all the other responsibilities on your plate.


If your business seems like it has hit a halt, you may need marketing help. This is what successful business people do to help their business grow and flourish. A marketing professional will help your business take the next step to become the best it can be. Start your dream off right. They will not only help you with your short term goals, but they will know how to help with your long term goals as well. They can help you develop a marketing plan for years to come.


Your small business may also be a good fit for a public relations professional, depending on what you are selling or advertising. Business owners who are interested in new clients or partners will look to a PR team for help. A PR person will uncover a different type of exposure for your business, bringing in different types of people, while expanding your clientele list. PR professionals will bring you different opportunities that you would’ve never thought of before.


Between a marketing and PR team, your business should start to succeed in different, exciting ways within no time.


Human Resource Team

In the start of your business, you may not have struggled to complete human resources tasks. Your business was small, meaning a few employees. The payroll task is minor, as is all the other obligations. Chances are, this will change.


As your business grows, so will the tasks and time it takes to complete them. This is where an HR rep will come in handy. They will be brought on to take over any and all HR obligations that are on the agenda. The human resource person or people will take all the stress off your plate.

Legal Team

Where startups are concerned, bringing in a lawyer who specializes in small business endeavors will help you immensely in your time of need. A lawyer can help you in more ways than you’d think. They can help you put together many different necessary steps. If you are a startup business, they can help register. They can also assist you in putting together a strong business plan.

They can help you expand what you own too. They can help you buy a business, as well as getting you some startup cash. A lawyer will make sure you have all the essentials in starting a business or growing your small business. They can even help you in making sure customers pay you in full if you have some flakey people on your clientele list.


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Make Sure the Right People on Your Side

During the start of your small business, it's probably just you and a handful of people on the job. Maybe you have a business partner and/or a few staff members. You may just not have the means to bring in more help at the start, or you may simply not want to. You may want to work on the progress of your business at a personal level, not trusting others with your baby yet. The truth is, though, you will need help eventually. It can’t always stay a one or two people operation.