December 20, 2018 | By Peyton Sawyer


Social media in a small business


For the most part, social media has been avoided in the workplace, but does it have any value when it comes to company branding? This is a question that has rarely been asked, until now. The world has certainly changed when it comes to social media and staying connected. Most companies today, take advantage of social media for online access and advertising purposes, but don't take advantage of some benefits it can offer in the workplace.

Using social media in a small business has been frowned upon and considered to be a distraction for employees, as well as an increased vulnerability to viruses. But the power of social media can certainly have the potential to boost business and company morale instead of decreasing productivity.


Take a look at some of the benefits to having social media in the workplace.

Communicating Through Social Media

Generally, workers communicate through email or by telephone, but companies may find that employee communication through social media has more value. Signing on to a work day with countless emails is enough to make anyone dread the day. Just like a phone that does not stop ringing can aggravate an employee or stop their workflow. While social media can also interrupt someone’s workflow, it does not prove to be as dreadful as numerous emails or phone calls. In fact, employee communication through social media can sometimes be welcoming. It's a way for the employees to put a face to a name and communicate in a more enjoyable atmosphere. It can also be a way to reduce the amount of one-line emails that overwhelm an employee’s inbox or the number of quick phone calls taken throughout the day.

Increased Workplace Morale

While you do not want to have your employees slacking off and sitting on social media most of the day. If not abused, a few minutes here and there is used to connect with other employees at work, it can help to boost morale and workplace relationships. After all, most of the week is spent at the office. It may be more beneficial to have employees connect on a deeper level. Social media can replace silence and formal chat to a more relaxed workplace with a team effort. Bringing employees closer to you and other team members create a better work environment, and in turn, creates a happier and more productive business.

Staying Informed and Current on News Trends

You may not have a business that relies on world news, but the industry you work in may profit from staying informed on competitor pricing and advertising online. Staying informed and up to date on anything that relates to or effects your business is important. Encouraging employees to follow news that is relevant to your business can provide an advantage.


Social media small business funding


Social Media Branding

If you understand the benefits of social media in business but aren't sure how to go about implementing it into the office, then it may be in your best interest to hire someone who specializes in social media branding. In this day and age, seeking a media-savvy assistant can be the help your company needs to take a step into the future.