March 20, 2019 | By Mason Roberts


Attracting new employees


Trying to find the right way to recruit new employees is always a more complicated task for business owners than one may think. Regardless of what small business you own, employees are people who are always changing. If you own a restaurant or clothing store, chances are that your trusty cashier and waitresses will age out of your business and start their dream careers from college, as many do.

Employees can also just decide, without you ever really getting a hint about it, that this is not the job for them. The most you, as the business owner, will probably get is a two-week notice without much else. For one reason or another, employees leave their jobs fairly frequently, especially in the hospitality business. It is just the circle of the corporate world.

Small business owners are looking for employees constantly, many coming up short. So, the question is, how do you attract new employees?

How To Attract New Employees?

Match Potential Salaries

When coming up with salaries to offer employees, small business owners tend to fall short of what they should be offering. Many times, they base their offerings off of their own financial budget, not what other companies are offering for the same job.

If a person who is job hunting comes across two of the same job opportunity but gets paid 3 dollars more at one of them, why would they choose the job they get paid less at? If you can't swing a larger paycheck to match your competitors, you should find a way to offer amazing benefits that most other companies would not offer. Find a way to balance out with what others are offering, and really be a part of the race.

Always Offer Some Kind of Benefits

Employees have determined benefits as a necessity, especially those with families. Countless employees look at benefits as something of importance, not something that they can take or leave. Job opportunities offering benefits will always beat out the jobs who are not. 

If you are looking for a strong, hardworking staff, they gravitate towards the best opportunity presented to them. Benefits that offer medical and dental help will help you bring in the best staff you could’ve asked for, as they will most likely be a responsible group. Speaking with insurance companies immediately about setting up a benefits program is one of the best decisions you can make for your small business.

Let Them Know What They Will Get Out Of It

Employees want to know how a job will make their life better in comparison, being concerned with more than just the salary being offered to them. For example, if you are located in a warm climate, and your business is open and sitting along the water, let your potential employees know.

This is an appealing location for most, so knowing this information will only make them become more intrigued by the opportunity being presented to them. Regardless of where you are located or what the environment is like, let the potential employees know. Everyone is attracted to different things, so who is to say that your new employee won’t be choosing you over another option solely because of the great view they’ll see while working their shifts.

Also, let them know about sick days, vacation days, and call outs. Make sure these days off are reasonable. Like I have stated earlier, everyone is different. They have different lives and may need off for a wide range of things.

If your employees feel like you will work with them when they absolutely need off, they will be open to working with you and coming in when you need them, even their days off. Showing new employees respect in this retrospect will make them want to give you and your business the same respect in exchange.

Let Them Know They Could Always Move Up

Most employees take a job, knowing they will be able to move up the ladder within the business. No one willingly takes a job, knowing full well this is what they will be doing day in and day out for the rest of their lives, especially if the salary does not grow either. People are looking for job opportunities with the promise of a potential move up.

Let your employees know what this position can give them, with a bit of hard work. This is not the place to be modest. Brag a bit. This is a good place to show off what your small business can offer. Will the employee grow new, promising skills? Will they potentially be offered an amazing promotion? Will they get a significant raise if they continue to work hard? Whatever it is the employee will receive, let them know immediately.

Advertise The Opportunity

Not too long ago, business owners would write an ad in the newspaper to attract new employees. It would work every time. Now, that is not the case. You have to go the extra step, as less and fewer people are reading newspapers. Go online. Post on job offering websites, or even social media. You can even do both.

Wherever you decide to advertise, make sure all the amazing perks your employees will receive are the first thing seen. This will bring more and more people to your posting, creating a long list of people wanting to be a part of your business.


Moving up the job ladder


Make The Job Opportunity Something They Can Not Refuse

There are people who will be looking for a job that is perfect for them, why not be the one offering it? Make an offer that potential new employees cannot say no to.

Based upon everything listed, make a plan that you can pitch to each new employee that you think will be a perfect fit. This will make them feel appreciated right off the bat. Who doesn’t like that? The absolute least this can do is make them consider your offer as it becomes more and more appealing. You will have new, motivated, employees on your team in no time.