An employee who performs well is a business asset worth investing in. Remember, you are only as good as your employees. Of course, you are the owner and without you there would be no job in the first place, but without your employees you would never achieve your full potential. There are many elements that are key components to running a profitable business, and reliable employees that are the face of your business are definitely are important ingredient.The on-boarding process is an investment in your business. It takes money to advertise open position, hold interviews, and train your new hires. Considering the cost and effort that goes into hiring new employees, you should do all you can to keep them, especially if they are good performers. Losing employees after the on-boarding process is completed should be considered a financial loss. Even though turnover is to be expected in any business, that doesn’t mean that it should be taken lightly.

There are many ways to keep your employees happy and performing at the top of their game. Try to engage an exemplary employee by entrusting them with new responsibilities that will expand their knowledge of the business and your industry. By doing so, you will give them the confidence they need to excel even more, and may even give your other employees the drive to perform better knowing there is room for advancement within your organization.You also need to keep the lines of communication open with your employees. Having an open door policy works well for the large majority of businesses, from a small mom and pop organization all the way up to multinational corporations. Remember, the art of effective communication within your business is the language of strong leadership.

Take all opportunities to educate your employees across all areas of your business. Cross-training can be invaluable for many business owners in situations where they need their employees to step into a variety of roles when someone is out for the day or even on sick leave. Making the effort to get key employees familiar with the workings of other departments can be a savvy business move.Establish short-term and long-term goals for your business and how each employee will play a part in the growth of your business. It is nice for your employees to know they are valued and integral parts of your vision for the future of your business. It also clearly displays your desire to keep them as employees for the long term.

You may even want to set up some incentive programs to further motivate your employees. It can be as simple as an annual bonus, an extra vacation day, a dress down day or even a lunch or outing for your team. It is very simple concept, but the effects of rewarding performance and hard work are very beneficial. It promotes a healthy competition that gets team members to work together for a common goal, which is a great way to build company morale.Other ways that you can build the confidence and knowledge of your employees is showing them that you are willing to invest in them by offering professional development. There are tons of training courses available online or in-person - all you need to do is determine what you want your employee to learn.

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