As a business owner, your success hinges on constantly looking for new ways to bring in a bigger return. Part of moving forward is looking back for clues to your previous successes. Crunching the numbers from your past sales to determine what days, weeks, months, and quarters are the most profitable is a prime example of this. Not only does this show you your prime windows of opportunity, you can also devise new strategies to boost sales during your slow times. A loyalty program is one option that many companies introduce into their business plan to increase their bottom line and customer base.

For example, if you notice that your business relies on weekends sales to bring in a majority of your profits, then you may need to focus on finding new ways to bring business during the week. Creating an effective loyalty program with the right incentives could be all you need to increase your Monday through Friday sales. Setting up the right kind of loyalty program for your business will take some thought and planning. You want to be sure that you select a program that best suits your business type, as well as your customer’s spending habits. Spending more money on a customer rewards program does not always equate to a better return. Many companies see a marked increase in profits from a very small investment - the key is knowing what will motivate your customer base.

To launch a successful loyalty program, you will first need to identify where your sales are lacking. Once that has been determined, you can focus on what incentives will potentially bring in more business. While you want to attract new customers, it is always a good idea to invest in a sure thing. Think about it. If you reward your best customers, they in turn they will remain loyal to you. It is always smart to bet on a sure thing. If you have the pleasure of returning customers that are fond of your establishment, they will continue to come back for more, especially if you reward them with a loyalty program. Show them that you appreciate their repeat business.

Whether you decide to include coupons, personalization, rewards, or all the above and more in your loyalty program, just make sure you have a clear plan set into place to handle the increased sales volume. Part of that may be updating your merchant account for faster and easier credit card processing, hiring more employees to meet heavier foot traffic or increasing your inventory to match growing demand. Being unprepared for success when it finally arrives can be worse than never finding it, so be ready to answer the door when it comes knocking.