Resolution: a firm decision to do or not to do something. Every January we bring in the New Year with a celebration. Along with the celebration we participate in new and old traditions. One of those traditions is deciding upon a New Year’s Eve resolution that we hope will improve the new year ahead of us.

Some of us pick a resolution that is more of a personal nature, but many business owners also pick some New Year’s resolutions pertaining to their business. If you missed the opportunity to commit to a resolution on New Year’s Eve, don’t worry. It’s not too late to make a resolution for this year. If you see some changes that need to be made in your business, make them now! There are several ideas to consider when choosing a resolution, especially for your business. There may be some do’s and don’ts that you would like to put into practice to improve the business that you have built.

Some of the resolutions will be different for each business owner, depending on what industry you work in, but there are also some ideas that can apply to all business owners.

Better Financial Recordkeeping

It's important for a business of any size to keep well-organized and up-to-date financial records. Keeping an electronic file can be much more accessible then the hard filing system you are used to using. It will help you to locate forms or paperwork more efficiently, and allow you the ability to retrieve figures in a moment’s notice for taxes, spreadsheets, or vendors. An accurate account of your expenses is essential in any successful business.

If you are interested in purchasing some accounting software or maybe even interested in creating another position in your business for bookkeeping or Human Resources, then alternative funding is a quick way to get the capital and get started. Nextwave Funding can give you the details you need about an alternative funding source called a merchant cash advance.

Keep a Good Working Relationship with Your Employees

Get more involved in your business this year. Communicate with your employees. Let them know your business goals, and what they can expect from you and what you expect from them going forward. It will paint a clearer picture for your business and the people you employ.

You may want to create more of an open door policy with your employees, that will give them confidence in you and the company they work for. By doing this, you will have a better connection into what actually goes on within the walls of your business. Creating an environment where your workers feel more confident and appreciated, will go a long way. Employees that like their job are more productive.

Stick to a Schedule

As a business owner it is difficult to have a set schedule of hours during the week, but resolving to set aside some time for yourself and family is important. Missing breakfast or dinner may be unavoidable if your business hours of operation interfere, but you can set time aside during the week or weekend to read a bedtime story to your children, go out to dinner with a loved one, or even the visit the gym for some me time.

Having a successful business and making a decent living may be important to you, but don’t forget the things that really matter. Let this year be your best yet!