Is it Too Late to Set Up a Grand Post-Holiday Display?

With the Christmas holiday behind us and the shopping season at a halt, it may be time to advertise for a post-holiday sale or promotion to get things going again. If you are like many retailers that overstocked inventory for the holiday, then you need to start running specials to unload as much product as possible. It is not too late for your business to get involved in creating a grand display to push a post-holiday sale or promotion. Some shoppers wait until the New Year’s ball has dropped before making a purchase, in hopes that they will get clearance prices. 

The perfect store display will grab the attention of not only your customers but also patrons that are just passing by. The idea is to get the attention of your traditional customers, but also the potential customers that may not think they have the need to purchase any product that you carry. It is your job to convince those that are just passing by to come in.

You may be surprised how many people buy an item just for the novelty and not from necessity. Customers that think of someone they normally don’t buy for, but do so because the products you carry remind them of someone. That is why it is so important to create a grand display that is full of awe and wonder that will invite shoppers into your store.

Remember, sometimes less is more, so keep it simple. Make a display that highlights your business and the products you have on sale.


What Items are on Sale or Promotion

Consider the products that you are selling when planning a display. Feature your bestselling item or items for your grand design. If you are in the toy industry, you probably want to select your most popular toy and plan a décor around that item.

If you are in the clothing industry you probably want to dress your mannequins to impress. Remember not to overdo your display. You need a clear focal point for the customers to see.


Where Should You Put Your Display? 

After you have decided on a design for your grand display, you then need to pick the best location for that design. Make sure that the display is easily visible by making it in the line of sight.


How Much Capital Will You Need For the Display?

Determining how much money you will need for the display should be simple enough. Take some time to price out the items that you will need to complete the design you have created. Make sure to account for a few obstacles, just in case.

If your business does not have much capital to work with, then you might want to think of acquiring the extra funds your business needs. A merchant cash advance is an alternative to a traditional bank loan. With a merchant cash advance, you can infuse your business with the capital it needs without delay.

Get your grand display started today!