Getting Ready for a Sale or Promotion

Promoting your small business with a sale or special offer is a great way for to kick off any season. When Winter, Fall, Spring and Summer approach, the national retail business chains will start their big push with sales events and incentives. By promoting your own event, you can offer the consumers in your area the same opportunity. Help to bring their attention and money toward supporting their locally owned merchants.

Small businesses are integral parts of our communities. They help give our neighborhoods personality, provide jobs, strengthen our tax base and create a place for locals to spend their money and feel appreciated. A sales event is a great time to remind your customers that you can offer the personal touch these large businesses cannot.


Marketing your business is essential to getting the word out that you are running a sale or promotion. Encourage people to shop small, but save big on unique and fun items that only you can provide, including great customer service and friendly local faces. Advertising in the newspaper, online with ads and social media, hanging printable signs in your store window, and sending out emails to your customers can get the attention you require for a successful event.

Special Offers

Rally your customers and try to attract new ones with some amazing offers that they cannot resist. Marking down the price of products, sending out some coupons, or creating promo codes for any online sales is an excellent way to get started. Everyone loves a good deal, and enticing your existing and prospective customers with a deal they can't pass up is the best way to make a sale on during your event.

Get the Word Out

Get the word out any way you can. Make sure the news of your sales event becomes public knowledge. Partnering up with other businesses in your area can also help not only you, but your community as a whole. Whether you are in retail or own a business that provides a service, you can still help each other. Reach out to your neighbor and offer to display a brochure or business card and ask them to return the favor.

Using a special day to increase sales and the overall visibility of your business or products can be quite beneficial to your bottom line. Any season has the potential to be profitable, and as a small business owner, this can be the season that defines your personal income for the year.

If your business is struggling financially and the thought of trying to participate in this event seems impossible, don't worry. There is help. Small business funding is available for businesses just like yours. You can get the quick funds your small business requires to host a successful sales or promotion event. Whether you need capital to advertise or to purchase the inventory to stock your shelves for your greatest return, it doesn't matter. You can use small business funding however you wish to make this event the best one yet.