Get Small Business Funding to Help Your Sale or Promotion

Running a small business means facing a seemingly endless series of challenges, especially when you own a seasonal business. You may work in an industry that relies heavily on the holiday season for the majority of your profits. In these business models, struggling through the slower months of the year may leave you strapped for cash making it difficult to bring in the most revenue possible.

Small business funding is a fast and easy way to get a fast infusion of cash to get your business ready for a promotion. Without the capital you need to run your business properly, you could be in jeopardy of losing everything. Don't let that happen. Take advantage of the benefits small business funding can offer.

Using an alternative source of funding can help you get through the rough times so that you can focus on what your business needs to not just survive, but thrive.

Purchase Inventory

With the money that alternative funding can offer, purchasing the inventory you need for a sale or promotion you are running, is so much easier. Having cash on hand may even get you a better deal from your suppliers.


Advertising can be crucial, especially if you are in the retail industry. Competing with big corporations is hard, which is why it is important to get your name out there. Remind your community and online followers that you are open and eager to earn their business. People want to support local businesses, so let them know what you have to offer.

Even if you cannot beat the deep discount prices an online chain store can offer, you may be surprised at the volume of business that comes your way. Many consumers may opt for the warmth and hospitality of your business to get a break from the chaos and impersonal experience of mass consumerism.

Visual Experience

Another smart way to get your business ready for any time of year is to create a visual experience that entices consumers. Decorate your business to set an inviting atmosphere that is pleasant for customers and conducive for shopping. Make shopping at your location an experience. Put up a window design that has people talking, offer complimentary drinks and snacks, play music, hire someone to dress up and hold a sign advertising your sale or promotion. Have fun with it.

Special Offers

Without hurting your bottom line, figure out what special offers you can run during the promotion. Whether it is discounting one popular item, stocking select merchandise, or providing redeemable coupons for the week after the promotion. it's up to you to decide how to make your business stand out.

Increase in Costs

Running a promotion can often mean long hours. Whether it is to stock shelves, keep track of inventory, send out special orders, or extending the hours you are open. You will most likely need more money to operate during such an event. Hiring part-time help or paying overtime may be unavoidable, which means you will need the capital to cover the increase in payroll. Don't wait until the last minute. Be prepared.