December 13, 2018 | By Peyton Sawyer

The holiday season has a way of making most people abandon their good sense and act financially irresponsible. Whether you are mother or father buying for your children, or a business owner ordering the inventory needed to supply your holiday needs, overspending is common occurrence across the board.


For business owners, the holiday season may be your most profitable time of year, especially if you are in retail or carry holiday décor. On the other hand, overspending can sometimes be your last attempt at bringing in the revenue needed to make your year a financial success. While many small business face the same issue, there's a way to handle your spending so that you do not overextend your finances.

Set Up a Holiday Budget to Follow

Take a look at the working capital you have available to spend this holiday season. Once you have come up with a figure, set a holiday budget to work within. If a drop in sales has prevented you from saving any working capital, then you may need to make some adjustments.

How Cash Advanced Holiday Funding Could Help

Cutting unnecessary expenses can help to free up the funds you working so hard to find. If cutting costs more than you already have will affect your projected profit, then you may want to look into some alternative funding solutions. With the option to get cash advance holiday funding, like a merchant cash advance, getting your business through the holiday season can be done with ease.


With a merchant cash advance, the merchant or business owner is asked to provide daily debit and credit card sales transactions to determine just how much the business is bringing in in sales. Once that is considered, an amount of funds that a business can borrow and repay is based on their sales volume.

Know What Your Customers Want

Consider the community you are operating in and the customers you are servicing. Once you have an understanding of what your customers want, think about what products are popular and trending in your industry. If you need some help, take a look at the social media platforms that are available. What products are people posting about? Since most people post all day, every day, you should have no problem gathering information. This is a great way to find out what people are excited about before you stock up on inventory.


Now that you have secured a holiday budget and stocked up on holiday inventory, you are now ready to advertise. Advertising is just as important as stocking your shelves, maybe even more. Without advertising, you may not draw the much needed traffic to your business. It is a key component in making your business a success, but it can be costly. That is why small businesses, like you, have started using the free advertising tool that social media can provide. Getting the word out has never been so easy, and so cost effective. Take advantage while you can!