Developing an effective plan for marketing your business does not have to be difficult. Many times, the hardest part of creating a strategy for your business is having a clear vision of what it is going to take to reach your objective. If you know what you want to achieve and have the determination to get there, then you should be able to pull off a basic marketing strategy with ease.

Many times, the biggest challenge with planning is deciding what angle you want to take with your marketing strategy. You can often feel intimidated and out of your element, especially if you don’t have any marketing experience. After all, people go to college to learn this stuff, right? Here’s the good news: marketing is about knowing your audience, and who knows your customers better than you? Here are a few simple tips to help you determine what marketing path your business should follow:

Start Researching

Before you can decide on a marketing strategy, it is essential to do your research. It is important to know your existing customers, your target audience, your competitors, and even the pros and cons of your own businesses. Determining your customers needs and wants is a large part of how successful your business will ultimately be. Gather as much information as you can about your customer base. Understanding why they choose you over other businesses can offer amazing insights into what you are doing right, which is very important when creating a marketing plan for your business.

Devise a Plan

Once you have identified the successes and shortcomings of your business, as well as compiling a list of your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses, you can move on to creating a plan that not only caters to your customers, but also stays true to your brand. Remember to be creative, stick to your core values and focus on what makes your business unique. The goal of branding and marketing is to set yourself apart from the pack, and by using your strengths and appeal as the core to your marketing plan, your product or service will ultimately sell itself.

After working out all the kinks in your business marketing plan and creating a clearer path to reaching your audience and your goals, you can begin the process of taking your message to the masses. Whether that is through print ads, tv and radio, digital media, social media or any combination of these tools, don’t be hold back on your messaging. That means spending the money that it takes to reach your audience effectively and consistently. Be aggressive in executing each and every detail of your marketing plan.

Measure Your Success

Owning your own business means being present. Any business owner working toward success should know that it isn’t time to take a breather once you’ve launched your marketing strategy. Now is the time to be on top of every detail, transaction, and everything else in between. At this point in the game, you should be checking views, clicks, shares or an increase in visits to your business. By doing this, you are determining if your marketing plan is working. If customers are responding well, then you can assume that your strategy is achieving the desired result. If the response is not as good as you had anticipated, then you’ll need this information to make changes moving forward.

Funding a marketing strategy is often the most challenging part of reaching your desired result. If you come up short and do not have the extra working capital that you need to market your business the right way, you may want to look into alternative funding options for small business owners. One option that you may want to consider is business funding. The approval process is fast and easy, and you could get the funding for your marketing plan in as little as 24 to 72 hours.