5 Ways to Improve Your Company Culture

Being a successful business owner involves more than just spreadsheets, budgets, and a watching your bottom line. There is also the human factor, and as the leader of your team, it is up to you to set the tone and culture of your business. Creating an environment where your employees feel that their voices are heard and their contributions are appreciated can have an immensely positive impact on morale, productivity and profits.

We have all heard the adage “home is where the heart is.” For anyone who is employed in a demanding full-time position, it is becoming more and more common to spend nearly as many hours at work as they do at home. When you devote this amount of time in any setting, it often begins to feel like a second home, and your co-workers become an extended family of sorts.

Working well together for one common goal tightens these familial bonds, especially when every employee, regardless of their position or tenure, feels as though their contribution is relevant and valued. That is why it is imperative to establish a workplace culture that fits within your personal values, company objectives and your style of leadership.

Practice What You Preach

When setting the tone for the culture in your workplace, it is imperative to lead by example. Be clear on the vision that you have for your business, as well as the expectations and goals you have for your team, both professionally and personally. Implement standards and guidelines that promote a positive workplace environment based on mutual respect. Be open about your business values to avoid any miscommunication, and be sure your employees know you practice what you preach. It is much easier to follow and respect a leader when you clearly understand what direction they are going in.

Business Expectations

Establish a solid relationship and understanding of your workplace culture with your employees during the onboarding process. It is better to let the employee know your expectations and standards before any bad habits or behaviors manifest. Take the time to review all company policies, make sure all employees receive the proper training and practice an open door policy so your employees feel comfortable coming to you with any concerns.

The time and money spent on getting each employee properly trained and acclimated is a substantial investment of time and resources and should be treated as such. If you get a sense that a new hire is not the right fit for your team, do not hesitate to rescind your offer of employment. You want to invest in an employee who will be a positive addition to your team, as well as a long-term contributor to the success of your business. Recruiting the right candidates is key to minimizing employee turnover maintaining a positive company culture.

The Reward System

Setting aside the time to recognize your employee’s accomplishments within the company will boost morale. You may even want to provide some type of goal or bonus to work toward as a reward for hard work. The incentive does not have to be monetary; it can be simple recognition or something fun for everyone. The point is to get your employees to engage and work toward a common goal. The reward is simply a way to show your team that you acknowledge and appreciate a job well done.

Resolve Any Issues on The Spot

If a problem occurs in the workplace, take the time to resolve the issue promptly and decisively. It is imperative to act on a problematic situation before it gets out of control and causes a disruption. You may want to create a policy where you check in with your employees individually once a month or quarterly to let them know you are present in the day-to-day. By doing this, you will most likely resolve any potential singular issues before they become disruptive to your team at large.

Promote When Necessary

Don’t take any employee for granted. If you notice an individual displaying consistent growth, dedication and inspiration to others, then it may be time for to promote them. Many employees tend to become bored or restless when in a position too long. You may have business goals of your own that don’t include increasing your payroll overhead, but are you willing to lose a valued team member over the cost? The real possibility of moving up the ladder in a business is essential in keeping your workplace culture positive.

Could a Cash Advance Help Your Cause?

Some investments in the health of your workplace may be costlier than others, but anything that increases employee morale and reduces turnover is money well spent. There are many ways a business owner can get the cash they need to implement these plans, including small business funding, a line of credit or a cash advance. A quick cash advance can provide you with the extra funding you need in no time at all.