September 12, 2018 | By Peyton Sawyer

If you're a small business owner operating a seasonal business, you probably know the importance of taking advantage of every holiday season. With summer at an end, and the new school year beginning, Fall is quickly approaching, and that means Halloween is just around the corner. How will your small business celebrate?

There are several ways to participate in the holiday season that can be fun, but also beneficial to your business. Creating a business plan or even a detailed list to prepare for the upcoming season is a great way to stay focused on what you want to accomplish.

Take a look at a few ideas you may want to add to your Halloween checklist.

Think Big, Shop Small

Being a small business owner, does not mean you should think small. You need to think big to get big rewards. Stock up on inventory this Halloween. Prepare your small business for a profitable season. If your business is a neighborhood food market, then make sure to stock up on all things that celebrate Fall and Halloween. Pumpkin is a desired flavor, so why not stock the shelves with pumpkin spice cakes, coffees, candles, and more? You can even sell pumpkins, large or small, and offer a decorating kit for added profit. But why stop there?

Think big. If you have the opportunity to purchase more inventory in to increase your profit this holiday season, then do it. If you cook, add holiday catering to the menu. If working capital is a concern, then take a look at how a business fund can help you cover your bases.

Go Big with the Decorations

Halloween is an exciting time for both children and adults! It’s a chance dress up, be silly, and eat all the candy you want, and a time when memories are made. Remember that when it comes time to decorate your small business, and get into the holiday spirit! Whether it is a store front window full of cobwebs and skeletons, a cute little witch holding a welcome sign, or an indoor display that would scare anyone that dares to enter, there are plenty of ways to join in on the fun!

Just remember to keep your customers in mind when planning your holiday décor. While you may love a good scare on Halloween, some of your customers might not. Your decorations should be tasteful and age appropriate. If you have children who enter, keep it cute, not scary.

Offer a Sale or Promotion

Offering a sale or promotion can attract the attention you are hoping for this Halloween. Being a small business owner provides you with the perfect opportunity to add something special to the service or products you have available. While, you may not be able to discount your inventory like these big corporations, you can certainly find a way to join in on the holiday sales. Provide a service that the big box stores cannot, like a personal touch or a handmade item. Sometimes, that is more enticing to customers than the ordinary products a national chain may carry. Cater to the community that can make your business a success by adding that extra special touch.